The Blitz – NFLPA – A Union in Crisis?

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?Labor War:


Easy to understand Smith’s remarks in light of this discovery via Mark Maske at Washington Post:

?Retired players call out the NFLPA for failure to act on their behalf:

“I’ve called the NFLPA at least twice a month over the last four months with different inquiries. Aside from the first phone call, the others have been horrendous. It seems as though I call the number and a woman says, ‘Hold Please.’

The she goes and takes her turn in Foosball, then returns to the phone and says, ‘This is [Blank], How may I direct your call?’ It’s a never ending cycle. They’re too busy doing news conferences to do what’s best for the players. I know it may seem that I’m exaggerating or overstating some things, but I just think it should be a lot easier. It’s tough because I know the NFLPA is handcuffed by what the NFL’s needs and wants are. The first three letters of the NFLPA are…

Yeah. Exactly.

The PA, as much as they may want to help, will always play second fiddle to the NFL’s owners. As of today, when Players retire we need to unlock the DA Vinci Code before we can attain our benefits.”

– Hamza Abdullah – Retired Player & 2-Year NFLPA Rep.

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