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Week of September 10, 2017

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Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott news dominated the week. Here’s a day-by-day replay along with a new Twitter Moment that encapsulates the best legal commentary from the week.



Probably my favorite tweet coming out of Tuesday’s hearing:

…and another favorite

In the midst of all the Texas drama, the NFL filed a lawsuit in New York, asking the court to impose the suspension. Deja vu Tom Brady. The venue war begins.







All the other essential legal takes rounded up right here!

Michael Bennett contemplates lawsuit against LVPD

Peluso Brain Injury Lawsuit

Eli Manning Memorabilia Lawsuit

Brian Kelly vs. Notre Dame

NY DFS Lawsuit

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NFLPA’s new secret constitution and Cyrus Mehri’s bid for the Executive Director office at the Union

This is a big story that’s largely flown under the radar. I interviewed Cyrus last week and will be publishing some insights on the peculiar manner in which the constitution was amended as well as the focus of Mehri’s platform.

Prior to Mehri’s release of the new constitution, the NFLPA kept the 2007 version on their website, leading a belief that elections would be held in March.


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Thanks and congratulations to J.J. Watt for some off the charts fundraising and support for Houston!




NFL Star and social activist Michael Bennett detained and humiliated by Las Vegas Police:


The Kaepernick Effect:


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