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Week of September 25, 2017

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Paul D. Anderson captured both the legal and other ramifications of Aaron Hernandez’s Stage 3 CTE diagnosis in this article. If you only have time for one Hernandez piece, this is the one you need to read.

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NFL Concussion Settlement

Sept 19:

Sept. 20:

Some very serious claims and considerations presented here:

Movant asks court to deny Class Counsel’s fee petition until the Claims Administrator has established an actual track record of payments to neurologically impaired players and their families.

Sept. 21:

As the concussion settlement has progressed into six months of claims processing, few claims have been paid; instead the process has been derailed with excessive deficiency notices and audits, and assertions of improper handling of claims and medical documents. So far, two motions have been filed by different law firms addressing the problems and asking the court administrate the settlement as is written in the settlement agreement. This is the fourth motion in joinder of these claims, presenting yet more evidence of mishandling. Be sure to click and read the highlights (if you can call them that) which I’ve pulled from the document as well as links to the same.


Aaron Hernandez:

While the lawsuit is currently sealed Bob McGovern of the Boston Herald obtained some of the allegations:


Ezekiel Elliott

Sept. 19:

Sept. 20:

Sept. 21:

Sept. 22:

Later that evening:

Sept. 25:


Mike Peluso


Dawson vs. NCAA


Charles Oakley vs. James Dolan, MSG


Rams Fans vs. Rams


⚠️NFLPA & Players’ Rights:

Sept. 19:

I should have probably asked “do the players you represent want more of the same” Career length has dropped to nearly half the time it was prior to the 2011 CBA. The NFL middle class is disappearing while more players work for league minimums with the majority of money designated to quarterbacks and a few key players.

Sept. 20:

Sept. 21:

Sept. 22:


?Concussion Discussion:

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The events of Saturday and Sunday – President Trump’s condescending tweets through the NFL’s reaction will almost definitely, as Mike Freeman said, be remembered as a defining moment in sports history. I did a compilation of the highlights:

Throughout the weekend, and into Monday, the president kept SI’s Michael McCann busy writing about labor law.

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