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Week of October 1, 2017


?Read of the Week:

Read of the week honors go to Eric Reid and Malcolm Jenkins for their thoughtful op-eds on why they protest and where they wish to go from here.

?Crime Blotter:

NCAA Bribery Scandal

“The going rate…”


O.J. Simpson Released from Prison


⚖️Litigation Lane:

NFL Concussion Settlement

(Order was issued on 9/27; therefore this is the official briefing schedule.)

Memorandums of Law filed this week in regard to RD Legal Funding:

Co-Lead Class Counsel: pdf

RD Legal Funding: pdf

Concussion Settlement Opt-Out Cases

Adrian Robinson Wrongful Death CTE Lawsuit

SO to Brad Sohn for amazingly detailed research and briefing on behalf of the Robinson family.


Lewis et al vs. Kansas City Chiefs, Arizona Cardinals

This lawsuit has also been consolidated with the Concussion Settlement MDL and seeks remand to state court.

Aaron Hernandez Estate vs. NFL, New England Patriots

(NFL will argue CBA preemption in this lawsuit as well.)

Derek Boogaard Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Ezekiel Elliott, NFLPA vs. NFL


UPDATE: 10/2/17


For those who like the big picture, I’ve compiled all the relevant happenings in the Ezekiel Elliott case below.

Huge shout out to Daniel Wallach for outstanding breaking coverage on this case as well as comprehensive legal commentary, which you can read in the above compilation. For the shorter version, Kate Hairopoulos’ article is a great explainer on the essentials:

Lane Johnson vs. NFLPA, NFL

To the best of my knowledge, the only current coverage of this case not behind a paywall.

Erin Henderson vs. NY Jets

Lavarius Levingston vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Michael Bennett vs. LVPD?

Packers Fan vs. Bears

Foul Ball Victim vs. NY Yankees

NCAA Amateurism Lawsuit:

?Look at Legislation:

?Concussion Discussion:

Click and expand this thread – very interesting contrasts between NHL and NFL

✊?✊?✊?✊✊?Athlete Activism:

There was a lot of great coverage of athlete activism over the past week – I tried to pull the best of it together right here.

And for those who need the short version – a few must reads:

?NFL Sidelines:

?NHL Breakaways:

?NCAA Notebook:

?The Scoop on Sports Betting:

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