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?Tweet of the Week:

Most of the stuff I tweet is dead serious, as are most responses. Though I’m not a lawyer, I spend so much time reading and discussing briefs that the advertising bots are convinced I’m in need of men’s underwear. This break in the dialog put a smile on my face and actually made me giggle aloud – so now – I request leave to move on the next opposing seatmate and pour some salt. ?

?Reads of the Week:

I flipped a coin and still couldn’t decide, so we have two essential reads this week. First, ESPN’s investigative reporters give a “fly on the wall” view as to what really took place in the meetings last week.

And this from Patrick Hruby, written in 2014. If you want to know what’s going on the NFL Concussion Settlement, read this. Patrick looked into his crystal ball and got it right.

⚖️Litigation Lane:

NFL Concussion Settlement

This is a VERY IMPORTANT motion, so I’ve compiled the highlights here:

Highlights from other noteworthy filings:

And this:


Ezekiel Elliott

The Ezekiel Elliott saga developments by the day:






Lane Johnson vs. NFLPA, NFL

Baker et al v. BRG Sports Inc (Riddell)

Yankees’ Foul Ball Injury Lawsuit

Amani Bledsoe vs. NCAA

Adrian Ghioroaie vs. Auburn


Neither are easy to obtain but one doesn’t preclude the other.

?Concussion Discussion:

?Cannabis Conversation:

?NFL Sidelines:

?NHL Breakaways:

?NCAA Notebook:

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