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December 17, 2017 Week in Review

?Read of the Week:

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⚖️Litigation Lane:

NFL Concussion Settlement:

Opt-Out Cases:

Riddell Litigation:

NHL Concussion Injury Litigation:

NFL Network Sexual Harrassment Lawsuit:

Adrienne Lawrence vs. ESPN

Jerry Richardson Harassment Allegations & Investigation

Super Bowl Ticket Holder Lawsuit Against NFL

NFL Hall of Fame Game Lawsuit

Terry Crews vs. Adam Venit Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Saints Season Ticket Holder Player Protest Lawsuit

Don Henderson vs. Dennis Wideman, Flames

Rick Pitino vs. Louisville (and vice versa)

Ex-NFLers vs. Madden

?‍✈️Crime Blotter:

FIFA Bribery Corruption Trial

?Concussion Discussion:

?Painkiller Pandemonium:

?Player Health, and Safety

?Player Rights

?NFL Sidelines:

?NHL Breakaways:

?NCAA Notebook:

??????Athlete Activism:

?The Scoop on Sports Betting:

?Everything Else:

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