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Merry Christmas from Advocacy for Fairness in Sports

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NFL Concussion Settlement:

This was written by Patrick Hruby in 2014. It was a very accurate prediction.

Aaron Hernandez

NFL Network

Jerry Richardson

Barstool Sports vs. NFL?

Canadian Football Fans vs. NFL

Super Bowl Ticket Lawsuit

Scot McCloughan Grievance

Chris Spielman vs. Ohio State, IMG et al

Moses Malone Jr. vs. James Harden

McKayla Maroney v. Michigan State University

Biggest Sports Law Cases of 2017

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?Concussion Discussion:

?Player Rights:

?NFL Sidelines:

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??????Athlete Activism:

Click, expand and read. Excellent thread from Chris Long:


?The Scoop on Sports Betting:


I am VERY excited about this book. It’s going to be an incredible resource for anyone who has an interest in the intersection of sports and law. I had the opportunity to get a sneak preview of a couple of chapters and all I can say is WOW! This is one book I look forward to devouring! University of New Hampshire Asst. Dean Michael McCann, who is also Sports Illustrated’s legal analyst, in addition to his own chapters has assembled an all-star cast for this publication – including some of my favorite Twitter follows – people I have learned so much from including: Warren K. Zola, Jimmy Golen, Dionne Koller, Gabe Feldman, Daniel Wallach, Nathaniel Grow, Glenn Wong, Thomas Baker, Alan Milstein, and many more. I can’t wait to get my hands on this!

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