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Our latest articles look at recent filings and rulings in the NFL Concussion Settlement and the Climate of Brain Injury Denial in Canada

Part 1 of a 2-part series looks at a recent filing by Chris Seeger and his ambivalence toward the players he was appointed to represent: The mystifying puzzle of Judge Anita Brody: And finally, a look at the obstinance of Canadian media and doctors regarding the football-CTE link:  

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Our report on the latest NFL Concussion Settlement ruling

In the article we discuss reactions from players and their families, and the impact going forward for class members as well as what appears to be an attack on independent counsel. Also – please welcome our newest contributor Terry Ott and be sure to check out his debut article with AFFIS.  He will be reporting …

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Advocacy for Fairness in Sports Response to NFL Allegations of Fraud in the Concussion Settlement

mouse trap

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Our latest articles expose some elements of the NFL Concussion Settlement that Chris Seeger and the NFL probably don’t want you to know.

These articles are possibly the most important ones I’ve written on the NFL Concussion Settlement to date;  

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The latest from Advocacy For Fairness in Sports!

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