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I‘m uncertain of the source, but I was forwarded something that I’ve been told is making its way around the retired NFL community.  While there are grains of truth in the message, there are also exaggerations coupled with some really bad advice. The only purpose in this that I can see is to sow discord …

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Why is the NFL bullying a toddler?

Hernandez - Dueling Briefs

A breakdown of the Hernandez suit against the NFL may be their toughest challenge yet if it can clear a couple of hurdles the NFL has tossed in its path.  Read our breakdown of the dueling briefs that stand to determine the scope of the NFL’s liability to the public…and to a small child who …

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Lane Johnson is looking to sack NFLPA

Lane Johnson - Beware the Underdog

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#EXCLUSIVE – NFL Concussion Special Master Issues Favorable Ruling on Generally Consistent Standard


UPDATE: A new article goes just a bit deeper and explains the history and significance of this ruling. Advocacy for Fairness in Sports has obtained a non-public ruling just issued by Special Master Pritchett on the settlement’s “generally consistent” standard.  Click on the tweet to expand the thread and read the entire ruling. #BREAKING

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Unpublished Concussion Settlement Special Masters Order Shields Players from Latest NFL Ambush

cat and mouse

NOTE: This ruling governs the denial of the NFL’s request for mandatory AAP review of appealed claims.  A breakdown of their ruling on the “generally consistent” standard can be found here.

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A very deep-dive into Lane Johnson’s lawsuit against the NFLPA

Lane Johnson, Judge Richard Sullivan, and DeMaurice Smith

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