NFL Concussion Settlement Updates

Boom!Two important briefs have been filed in the #NFL Concussion Settlement.

One is an explosive brief that reads as an expose on quickly depleted common benefit funds meant to pay class attorney fees for the 65-year term of the settlement.  In objection to Co-Lead Class Counsel Christopher Seeger’s most recent fee petition, attorney Lance Lubel on behalf of class members identified as Alexander Objectors filed a motion objecting to Co-Lead Counsels latest disbursement request.

The second brief of importance is an objection filed by X1 Law to Judge Brody’s recent order regarding generally consistent detailed here:.
Beep beep! NFL v Seeger

Beep beep!  Even in withdrawing an appeal it appears that the NFL may have gotten the best of Chris Seeger.  X1 Law’s motion for reconsideration hopes to correct the error.

Law Firm Asks Judge to Reconsider NFL Concussion Settlement Ruling

On January 22, attorney Patrick Tighe of X1 Law filed a motion asking Judge Anita Brody to reconsider her recent ruling on the generally consistent concussion settlement provision.

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Lubel Objection

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In addition to these briefs, a hearing on third party settlement advances was held at the Third Circuit on Wednesday. An audio file of the hearing has been posted.  Analyses in the way of articles will be forthcoming, but in the meantime here are a couple of tweet threads to bring you up to speed on the main points. Again, click the tweet to expand.

Third Party Funder Update

Here’s some additional background on this.

One more thing…I’m doing some research on how bankruptcy is affecting settlement claims. Please contact us if you or one of your clients have been impacted in the NFL Settlement or any other mass tort.

Update 10:46 AM

I’m posting another tweet thread regarding a claim that was approved and appealed three times then appealed a FOURTH time that resulted in a denied claim and Judge Brody’s reaction to a public objection.

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