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Burch excerpt

Revised 2/28/19 Yesterday, I requested input from those involved in NFL, NHL, or NCAA concussion litigation to assist in a research project conducted by Professor Elizabeth Chamblee Burch of UGA School of Law.  Professor Burch is studying retainer and contingency fee agreements of plaintiffs in mass tort litigation.  You can read more about what she …

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Attorney Asks Judge to Stop Endless Audits

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Preview of Upcoming Hearing in Dent Painkiller Lawsuit

Richard Dent v NFL painkiller lawsuit

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New Layer of College Football Misconduct Unveiled in Askin Lawsuit

John Askin lawsuit against Notre Dame, NCAA

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NFL Concussion Settlement: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

BrownGreer Status Report

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Evans Painkiller Lawsuit is Dismissed-Questions Remain

NFL painkillers

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Welcome to the Twilight Zone

Law360 Excerpt

I’d also like to thank Ryan Boysen and Law 360 for helping to clarify the record. Atty, Blogger Fight Back In NFL Concussion Deal Spat Excerpt regarding Advocacy for Fairness in Sports:  

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Hernandez Lawsuit Tossed by Federal Judge

Hernandez dismissal

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