Revised 2/28/19

Yesterday, I requested input from those involved in NFL, NHL, or NCAA concussion litigation to assist in a research project conducted by Professor Elizabeth Chamblee Burch of UGA School of Law.  Professor Burch is studying retainer and contingency fee agreements of plaintiffs in mass tort litigation.  You can read more about what she is studying and hoping to accomplish here.  She’s done some groundbreaking work in exposing the shady side of aggregate litigation, and much of her scholarship can be accessed here.

I posted a survey that received ONE response. I have since taken it down.   When I inquired of an advocate requesting assistance in gathering information, I was somewhat stunned by the response–one of skepticism as to the legitimacy of the research. Since it’s very easy to verify Professor Burch’s credibility, I am distancing myself from this project in case my attempt to gather data seems suspect to some.  If you are interested in contributing, more info can be found on Professor Burch’s Blog.

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