Will the NFL’s Insurers Finally Fracture the Shield with Discovery?

Will the NFL face discovery this time around?

“League of Denial” took centerstage at a hearing last Friday between the NFL and its insurers, according to Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic. Richard Pratt, one of the attorneys representing the insurers gripped a copy of the groundbreaking 2013 book, and placed it on the insurers’ table during the 75-minute hearing in which the insurance companies argued to obtain the discovery the NFL has evaded for seven years.

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Don’t forget to check out my previous post that details three recent decisions by Judge Brody in the NFL Concussion Settlement. Yesterday I learned that one of the anonymous claimants denied was the family of legendary quarterback Ken Stabler, and updated the story accordingly.  If you’ve already read the article, you can jump straight to the Stabler story by clicking here.

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