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NFL Disability Feeds Another Player to the Lions

Darren Mickell thrown to lions by #NFL Roger Goodell John Mara, Jed York, Clark Hunt , Mark Davis

Speaking of Throwing Players to the Lions… The  NFL Concussion Settlement has done more than its share.  Today Amon and Roxanne Gordon, represented by Wendy Fleishman of Lieff Cabraser filed an appeal of the denial of Amon’s settlement award after the NFL was given four times to challenge it and attempt to …

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NFL Disability Pulls Rug From Under Player Disabled Since ’82

Delvin Williams NFL Disability Roger Goodell Groom Law

NFL Concussion Settlement News: Chris Seeger Submitted his third post-effective date fee petition on July 25. Click below to access the complete document. 

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Layers of Fraud Revealed in a Scheme to Defraud Brain-Injured Former NFLers

Tim Howard-NFL Concussion Settlement -Fraud

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Why Does a Federal Judge Insist on Giving the NFL Multiple Get Out of Jail Free Cards for Drug Violations?

Godfather Roger Goodell NFL painkiller lawsuit - Richard Dent - Judge William Alsup

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Former NFLer Settles Lawsuit Against Pain Clinic

Jared Allen's NIL misappropriated by pain clinic

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Funder Wants to Know Why Concussion Settlement Isn’t in Compliance with 3rd Circuit Mandate

settlement funder mandate nfl concussion settlement

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What do the Packers’ financials reveal about the NFL Concussion Settlement?

Packers financials NFL Concussion Settlement

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Notre Dame, NCAA attempt to run out the clock on brain injury lawsuit

John Askin collage-Notre Dame NCAA

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July Newsletter to Retired NFL Players


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NFL Dirty Deeds Exposed in July 4th Weekend News Dump

Roger Goodell NFL Dirty Deeds

Part 1: A Shameful Claim Denial with Harmful Implications to Other Retired NFL Players A Letter from Chris Seeger Gives a Strong Warning to Players: Beware the NFL

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