NFL Dirty Deeds Exposed in July 4th Weekend News Dump

Roger Goodell happy dance NFL Concussion Settlement

Roger Goodell must be doing his happy dance in front of his “Integrity” paned windows at 345 Park Avenue upon learning of their success in the NFL’s latest tactic.

Part 1: A Shameful Claim Denial with Harmful Implications to Other Retired NFL Players

If there’s one thing consistent about the NFL, it’s their passion in denying benefits to former players. Roxanne Gordon described how the NFL fought and fought until her husband Amon’s thrice approved claim was denied when the NFL was given a 4th bite at the apple, and then backed up with a final denial by Judge Anita B. Brody on July 2.
Judge Brody’s order was cryptic at best, alluding to references that were no where to be found. She did not attach supporting documents with the arguments she viewed just as she didn’t in two rulings on June 13, which I wrote about shortly afterward. The article had barely been published when I was contacted by Kendra Stabler Moyes, daughter of beloved Raiders quarterback Ken Stabler, to tell me one of those denials was her father’s claim. Now the family affected by Judge Brody’s most recent ruling has come forward.

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Roger Goodell NFL owners dirty deedsA Letter from Chris Seeger Gives a Strong Warning to Players: Beware the NFL

On July 2, the same day Judge Brody issued a final denial to the Gordon family’s thrice approved, and then denied settlement claim, Chris Seeger sent an emailed letter to the class of retired players…

The next paragraph, however, is a departure from Seeger’s normal mode of communication and I feel it’s the most important paragraph in the letter—possibly the most important piece of information he’s presented to the class of retired players in the entire history of the settlement.

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