NFL Settlement Attorneys Appeal Fee Issues to Third Circuit

Anita B. Brody

Last Friday, Locks Law Firm, on behalf of itself and thirteen other appellants, filed a 68-page brief contesting Judge Anita B. Brody’s allocation of common benefit attorney fees to the Third Circuit.

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Bonus: must-read – from Deadspin:

“He had Stage 4 CTE, but the NFL Said Dad Wasn’t Sick”

Deadspin George Andrie

Illustration: Elena Scotti (G/O Media), Photo: AP

By Dom Cosentino

George Andrie, an original member of the Dallas Cowboys’ famed Doomsday Defense, had Stage 4 chronic traumatic encephalopathy at the time of his death last August at the age of 78, according to researchers at Boston University who posthumously examined his brain. Andrie’s diagnosis was confirmed by his daughter, Mary Brooks.

Andrie had suffered from dementia toward the end of his life. That he actually had CTE is another indication that the NFL concussion settlement keeps failing the people it’s supposed to help,

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