NFL Concussion Settlement is Like a Wild West Shootout

Note: This synopsis also includes the latest on the status of settlement advances with a “jump” to advance directly to that spot if you desire.

Imagine you’re watching an old spaghetti western set in a town run by an aging saloon girl. A gang of gunslinging robbers have taken up residence in town but the saloon girl enjoys their flattery and tells the sheriff to “let them be,” and aside from an occasional flash of bravado he mostly does as he’s asked. There a subplot running in which a greedy banker is foreclosing on most of the widows in town and those whose husbands have been shot down by the band of outlaws and lay incapacitated. Those who resist the outlaws’ demands find their homes burning to the ground. The movie’s been running for two hours now and you’re wondering the cowboy in a white hat is going to ride in and restore order. Or will he?

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New York Liberty Seek Justice for Women in Prison

by Derek Helling

New York’s WNBA team, liberty is much more than a word on the front of their jerseys. “I want to make sure it’s highlighted that 80 percent of women who are incarcerated are mothers,” Tina Charles stated. “From 1980 to 2017, the number of women incarcerated increased by more than 700%, it really shows how important this issue is not just for the New York Liberty but for the community…”

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