It’s been quite the week: Update on Computer Issues.

sosUpdated 10/15:  Last week I sent out a newsletter and made the SOS post after my computer became besieged with malware thanks to a Pennsylvania state court app.

I appreciate the donations that came in and also appreciate a suggestion from one of our readers that was instrumental in removing the malware from the computer and saving my laptop.  Unfortunately, as soon as that crisis was averted our website went down and after spending the better part of 19 hours with support had it moved to a different server, restoring functionality.  I managed to get Derek’s article out on Saturday in between crashes and Irv’s article on Monday after the server migration was completed.

Then on Monday, my internet went down.  When it came back up, I saw that my notification system for tracking court dockets, breaking news, etc. has stopped working, so I’ve been on with support most of today (Tuesday) with still no resolution, so I ask for your continued patience.  I may have to find a workaround for this, but right now I’m too braindead to devise one.  But in the famous words of General Douglas MacArthur, “I shall return.”

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