Avenatti Case Alleges Settlement Between Nike and Kaepernick

Nike ad

A recently filed document in attorney Michael Avenatti’s indictment and pending trial may shed light on Kaepernick’s endorsement deal with Nike. In a document filed by Avenatti’s attorney, Scott A. Srebnick seeking to compel testimony by Mark Geragos, who represented Kaepernick in his grievance against the NFL, states that Geragos also procured a settlement for Kaepernick with Nike. This would appear to align with Kaepernick’s major endorsement deal as face of the #JustDoIt campaign.

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Update January 19, 2020: A national reporter informed me that he contacted Kaepernick’s marketing agent to follow up on the allegations reported in my story.  The agent said, “What Avenatti alleges is a complete mischaracterization.”  The reporter recalled that a long time ago the marketing agent told him that Geragos had nothing to do with the Nike deal but was claiming credit for it.  It’s possible that Geragos mischaracterized his role to Avenatti, or it’s also possible that a non-disclosure agreement prohibits anyone from divulging details of any settlement.  Whatever happened, it seemed to work out very well for all involved. We’ll likely never know the complete truth unless Geragos is compelled to testify.

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