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Sheilla Dingus founded Advocacy for Fairness in Sports in October 2016, after a stint with Defenders of the Wall, a New England Patriots based blog where she dived deep into the legal aspects of Deflategate. Along the way, she observed many inequities in sports and felt a need to address some of the under-reported stories in sports law. She draws from her background as a former professional dancer, who like many of the athletes she writes about, took an early retirement due to orthopedic injuries. After a return trip to college she worked for a legal software company, with seven years as a Project Manager and Analyst. She brings her analytical skills to the table in breaking down complex lawsuits, and enjoys pursuing her longtime interest in journalism.

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Concussion discussion

Former NFL Players Seek Recognition of “Living CTE”

By Sheilla Dingus November 22, 2016 In a lawsuit filed against the NFL and its 32 member teams, Monday in Florida District Court, thirty-eight retired NFL players seek recognition of “living CTE.” CTE, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a progressive degenerative condition of the brain caused by repeated blows to the head. The Plaintiffs state, …