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Sheilla Dingus founded Advocacy for Fairness in Sports in October 2016, after a stint with Defenders of the Wall, a New England Patriots based blog where she dived deep into the legal aspects of Deflategate. Along the way, she observed many inequities in sports and felt a need to address some of the under-reported stories in sports law. She draws from her background as a former professional dancer, who like many of the athletes she writes about, took an early retirement due to orthopedic injuries. After a return trip to college she worked for a legal software company, with seven years as a Project Manager and Analyst. She brings her analytical skills to the table in breaking down complex lawsuits, and enjoys pursuing her longtime interest in journalism.

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Ex-NFLer’s Cannabis Lawsuit May Be Headed To The Supreme Court

Marvin Washington Cannabis Lawsuit

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The Blitz is Back!

The Blitz

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Avenatti Case Alleges Settlement Between Nike and Kaepernick

Nike ad

Update January 19, 2020: A national reporter informed me that he contacted Kaepernick’s marketing agent to follow up on the allegations reported in my story.  The agent said, “What Avenatti alleges is a complete mischaracterization.”  The reporter recalled that a long time ago the marketing agent told him that Geragos had nothing to do with the …

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Concussion Research for Sale?

Roger Goodell, Gary Bettman, Mark Emmert - Concussion research for sale

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Is the NFL’s Relocation Policy a Contract? (Part 4)

NFL chess - relocation

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Will Oakland Survive the NFL’s Motion to Dismiss? (Part 3)

Raiders helmet in Northern District of California Court

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Part 2: Will Oakland Survive NFL’s Motion to Dismiss?

raiders helmet-judge with gavel

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Raiders, NFL Respond to Oakland in a Bid to Dismiss (Part 1)

Judge Joseph Spero will decide whether or not to dismiss Oakland's lawsuit against the Raiders and NFL/

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The NFL Concussion Settlement Should Have Been Valued at $5 Billion

reading between the lines

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Update on Delvin Williams’ NFL Disability Case.

Delvin Williams NFL Disability Roger Goodell Groom Law

We regret to have to inform you that Delvin Williams’ decades-long struggle for his disability benefits came to an end on January 3, when his case was dismissed with prejudice.  If you’re not familiar with his case, here’s his story. NFL Disability Pulls Rug From Under a Player Disabled Since 1982 Order of dismissal:  

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