Habiba Youssouf

Habiba Youssouf is a writer and blogger with a communications, event planning and public relations background. She has experience working in sports marketing, publishing and with non-profit organizations such as the Alzheimer Society of Canada. She is driven by a strong will to empower and uplift others, fight against injustices and disrupt the status quo. An absolute music and sports lover, and a bookworm, Habiba is equally passionate about mental health, criminal justice reform, sports law, social justice, and advocacy. Born in Moscow, Russia, to Chadian parents, she was raised in France, where she also studied and started her professional life, before moving to Toronto, Canada, in 2009, where she still resides. Her blog is errythangnanythang.com

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Fans Needed!

NFL fans

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Not So Free Agency

not so free agency

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What’s Next in the Face-Off Between Kaepernick and the NFL?

Kaepernick workout

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Beyond the Headlines…

Kamrin Moore, falsely accused, finally cleared

When the Victim Becomes the Accused: The Kamrin Moore Story

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Reflections on SLAC 2019

SLAC phoenix

Reflections from SLA 45 from a First Time Attendee Part 1 Reflections from SLA 45 from a First Time Attendee Part 2

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With the Kap/Reid Settlement it’s not either/or

Kaepernick Reid Settlement Social Justice

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