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NCAA/College Sports


Case Type

Case Status

Adrian Arrington v NCAA
Northern District of Illinois 1:11-cv-06356
TBI active
Alston v NCAA (In Re National Collegiate Athletic Association Athletic Grant-In-Aid Cap Antitrust Litigation)
Northern District of California 4:14-md-02541-CW
antitrust on appeal
Alston Appeal
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals 19-15566
antitrust active
Athletics Fair Pay Act
Bill introduced by Sen. Diane Feinstein D-CA and Sen. Patty Murray D-Wash to amend chapter 2204 of title 36 United States Code, to ensure pay equity for amateur athletes
n/a Signed into law
Brian Bowen v Adidas et al
District of South Carolina 3:18-3118-JFA
RICO active
David Nakhid v American University
District of Columbia 1:19-cv-03268
civil rights/discrimination active
Northern District of Illinois 1:16-cv-08727  MDL 2492
brain injury/ concussion active
Jones v BRG Sports (Riddell)
[This is the lawsuit filed on behalf of college and high school football players] Northern District of Illinois 18-C-7250
personal injury/
product liability
John Askin v Notre Dame, NCAA
Circuit Court, Jefferson County, Kentucky 19-C1-01063
John Lopez v UCLA, NCAA
Superior Court of the State of California
County of Los Angeles 198TCV18709
emotional distress
Rick Courtright v USC
Superior Court County of Los Angeles, California 19STCV22799
wrongful termination active
Robert E. Barker et al v NCAA
Supreme Court of New York, 151134-2020
civil rights, age discrimination active
Steven Schmitz v NCAA, Notre Dame
Court of Common Pleas Cuyahoga County, Ohio (trial court) CV-14-834486
latent brain injury remanded by Supreme Court of Ohio, active
Steven Schmitz v NCAA, Notre Dame
Eighth Appellate District, Cuyahoga, County, Ohio
latent brain injury appealed to Supreme Court of Ohio
Steven Schmitz (appellee) v NCAA, Notre Dame (appellants)
Supreme Court of Ohio 2017-0098 (appeal from Eighth District Court of Appeals)
latent brain injury, CTE, loss of consortium appeals court upheld; remanded to trial court for further proceedings
United States v Chuck Person
Southern District of New York 1:17-cr-00683-LAP (sentencing only)
hoops trial
United States v Michael Avenatti
Southern District of New York 1:19-cr-00373-PGG
Nike extortion closed

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