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Olympic Sports/Related Cases

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Olympic Sports


Case Type

Case Status

Donggue Lee v. David A. Smith II
Supreme Court of Georgia S18G1549
Opinion only
personal injury-Olympic athlete injured in car crash) remanded to trial court
Heidi Gilbert v USA Taekwondo
District of Colorado 1:18-cv-00981
Sexual abuse active
Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Co. v. United States Olympic Committee
District of Colorado 1:19-cv-01231
(Note: This case mirrors the NFL insurers’ case seeking to learn what the NFL knew about brain injury. In this case, the insurer is seeking to know what USOC knew about the sexual abuse of its athletes.)
Insurance coverage active
William Moreau v USOPC
District Court, City and County of Denver Colorado 2020-cv-30476, retaliation, active
retaliation, wrongful termination active

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