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Early Skirmishes

August 16, 2017 GoodellClaim Delays and Denials Taint NFL Concussion Settlement
October 9, 2017 NFL Concussion Settlement MazeNFL Concussion Settlement is Becoming More of an Obstacle Course than Finish Line for Retired Players
November 15, 2017 Closed hearing - Keep outA Closed Hearing is Convened in Judge Brody’s Chambers as Players Seek Transparency
November 21, 2017 worryNFL Concussion Settlement Has Even Attorneys Worried
November 28, 2017 Chris SeegerChristopher Seeger Opposes Motion to Benefit NFL Concussion Settlement Class
January 11, 2018 state of emergencyIt’s Time To Declare The NFL Concussion Settlement A State Of Emergency

The Claims War Escalates

March 22, 2018 Roger Goodell NFL shoot concussion settlement claims

NFL’s Scheme to Deny Benefits to Sick Players Exposed in Recent Concussion Settlement Motion

April 6, 2018 Raining MoneyWhy Does Chris Seeger Sound More Like a Mouthpiece for the NFL than Advocate for Players in the Concussion Settlement?
April 19, 2018 Judge BrodyRetired NFL Players, Wives React to Recent Concussion Settlement Ruling
April 23, 2018 Friday the 13th - SeegerFriday the 13th a bad day for NFL Concussion Settlement Players
May 8, 2018

scorched earthNFL Goes “Scorched Earth” Against Retired Players and their Lawyers

The NFL Counters with Allegations of Fraud

April 16, 2018 NFLMaster of deception NFL cries ‘Fraud’ in the Concussion Settlement
May 1, 2018 Boom!Attorneys Respond to NFL’s Request for Concussion Settlement Fraud Investigator
June 5, 2018 Fraud InvestigatorNFL asks the Concussion Settlement Court for a fraud investigator with authority of subpoenas and compelled testimony
September 14, 2018 cat and mouseFraud Investigator To Be Appointed for Concussion Settlement At NFL’s Request
December 10, 2018

Lawrence StengelLawrence F. Stengel Appointed Special Concussion Settlement Fraud Investigator

February 26, 2019 under auditMotion Asks Court to Rein In NFL Concussion Settlement Audits
March 14, 2019 NFL Concussion Settlement AuditNFL Concussion Settlement Administrator Defends Right to Audit Claims at Will
March 18, 2019 Orran Brown or Roger Goodell?The Strange Transformation of NFL Concussion Settlement Claims Administrator Orran Brown
April 8, 2019

NFL Concussion Settlement Orran BrownAttorney Questions NFL Settlement Administrator’s Perception of Reality

Chris Seeger’s Conflicted Role

April 28, 2018 Chris SeegerAmid disturbing allegations of misconduct, Chris Seeger cries “foul”
January 27, 2019 Did Chris Seeger Break the Bank?Did Seeger Weiss Break the NFL Concussion Settlement Bank?
May 3, 2019

Chris Seeger and the Cookie JarThird Circuit Reversal of NFL Concussion Settlement Funding Advances has an Interesting Backstory

NFL Appeals that Set Off the Chain Reaction
Which Led to the Current Doctor Rules

August 31, 2018 Roger Goodell Screws Retired NFL PlayersRecent Non-Public Documents Reveal NFL’s Latest Scheme to Screw Players Filing Dementia Claims
September 16, 2018 People in churchPlayers’ Attorneys React to NFL’s Attempts to Sabotage the Concussion Settlement
November 4, 2018 NFL Hit MenEXCLUSIVE: NFL Mounts its Strongest Attack Yet on Dementia, Alzheimer’s Settlement Claims
November 8, 2018 hydrogen bombWill the NFL’s latest appeal blow up the Concussion Settlement?
November 23, 2018 Judge Anita B. Brody StayJudge Stays Payment of NFL Concussion Settlement Claims Pending NFL Appeal Decision
December 5, 2018 NFL-Roger-Goodell-StrikeNFL ‘Goes for a Strike’ on ‘Generally Consistent’ Concussion Settlement Claims; Co-Lead Counsel Counters
January 11, 2019

Who's behind the curtain of the latest NFL concussion settlement ruling?Why the NFL’s Concussion Settlement Appeal Withdrawal Isn’t Good News

The Fuse that Ignited the New MAF Rules

January 13, 2019 Trojan Horse - NFL Concussion Settlement - Seeger- GoodellThe NFL’s Appeal Withdrawal Resembles a Trojan Horse
January 25, 2019

gavelLaw Firm Asks Judge to Reconsider NFL Concussion Settlement Ruling

The Rules

April 15, 2019 Brody-Seeger-GoodellJudge Delivers Gift to the NFL
April 28, 2019 Chris Seeger: Ok MotherAttorneys Challenge Changes to NFL Concussion Settlement
May 4, 2019 Orran Brown Defends MAF RulesOrran Brown Defends His Rules
May 9, 2019 Attorneys Defend Players Against Bait & switch NFL Concussion Settlement
May 11, 2019 Orran Brown Roger Goodell NFL "Please don't shoot the doctors."“Please Don’t Shoot the Doctors” NFL Settlement Attys Ask
May 17, 2019

NFL Concussion Settlement - Anita Brody, Roger Goodell, Chris SeegerNFL Concussion Settlement No Longer Pretends to Care for Players

Judge Brody Fires All Class Counsel Except Seeger

May 25, 2019 You’re Fired!Judge Anita Brody

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