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Advocacy for Fairness in Sports News

September 2019 Newsletter for Retired NFL Players and Families

Last month’s newsletter focused on some very disturbing news–that of the NFL seeking to permanently disqualify players from settlement participation and pursue criminal fraud charges if the NFL believes they’ve misrepresented an aspect of their claim.
I’ll start this month’s news with a follow-up to that story.

Advocacy for Fairness in Sports News

Retired NFL Players Newsletter August 2019

August newsletter for Retired NFL Players focuses on the NFL’s latest Concussion Settlement objection that seeks to disqualify and pursue criminal charges against players with dementia.

Advocacy for Fairness in Sports News

Advocacy for Fairness in Sports General Interest Newsletter August 2019

Our newsletter is out! Read all about our latest investigative sports law reporting here.

Retired NFL Players Newsletter – July 2019

Dear Retired Players and Families,

It’s been a fast-paced time for Advocacy for Fairness in Sports and it seems the month has flown by. We’ve produced quite a bit of content over the past month and have launched a couple new projects that I’ll tell you about later. But first, there’s some settlement news that you need to be aware of. This is detailed in our most recent article on the settlement. On July 2, Lead Counsel Chris Seeger sent a letter to the Class. In it he announced that he is the lone attorney (or firm) representing the class as a whole. I wrote about the dismissal of other Class Counsel and addressed that issue in last month’s newsletter.

Advocacy for Fairness in Sports News

General Interest Newsletter – July 2019

Advocacy for Fairness in Sports General Interest Newsletter – July 2019

Initial Fundraising Letter – June 2019

We’ve published a lot of informative content that you cannot find anywhere else over the past three years including possibly the most important story that I’ve written to date – a primer explaining Judge Brody’s April decision in the NFL concussion lawsuit and its negative impacts on claimants in the NFL concussion claims process. In addition, we have brought together some of the most respected minds in the world of academia, sports law, and athletes to provide a unique perspective to our readers.

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Retired NFL Players Newsletter, June 2019

Advocacy for Fairness in Sports recently sent its first newsletter to retired NFL Players and their families. We plan to send updates approximately once per month, unless breaking news merits a special edition. We will also be creating newsletters for the general public and possibly “Attorneys Only” in the near future.