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Top 100 #sportslaw Twitter Accounts for 2020

Advocacy for Fairness in Sports Top 100 Twitter Accounts for 2020December 31, 2019
Edited by Sheilla Dingus

One of our readers commented to me that the recently released SI Top 100 #SportsBiz Twitter accounts, while suggesting some great follows lacked the diversity of sports law, focusing almost exclusively on the business/marketing end while ignoring other areas such as athlete rights.  He suggested that Advocacy for Fairness in Sports publish our own listing of best sports law follows from the diverse areas of sports law and I thought it was a great idea, so we set up a nominating committee.  Here are the members in alphabetical order (all of whom are great follows too!)

Bill Wilson @brewonsouthu
Bill is an NCAA sports consultant, commentator, retired lawyer, and agent for college athletes on recruiting, eligibility and other issues.
Derek Helling @dhellingsports
Derek is a freelance sportswriter who doesn’t stick to sports.  He’s a regular contributor at Catena Media and Advocacy for Fairness in Sports, He’s a journalism major who’s been published in a wide array of media as well as guesting on several popular podcasts.  His focuses are #sportslaw, #sportsbiz, sports betting, and athlete advocacy.  Outside the sports realm, Derek is a strong advocate for equality in all facets of life.
Habiba Youssouf @EnA_blog
Habiba is a native of Chad who spent most of her childhood in France and immigrated to Canada as a young adventurer.  Habiba is blessed with a natural curiosity and sense of adventure which serves her well as a blogger and advocate for equality in race, gender, and of course sports.  Habiba is studying for her LSAT and plans to become an attorney working in sports law on behalf of athletes.  She is also Secretary/Treasurer of Advocacy for Fairness in Sports
Kelsey Trainor @ktrain_11
Kelsey, is an energetic young woman with an already impressive resume.  She worked in production at @BlueBloods_CBS where she sometimes filled in on the screen as well as behind it.  She is also an attorney and currently works as In-House Counsel at Abrams Media in New York City.  Kelsey writes as time permits and volunteers as a legal analyst for Advocacy for Fairness in Sports.  She’s been called the Kevin Bacon of Twitter.
Tammi Gaw @tammigaw
Tammi is a native of Scotland and a citizen of the world.  She is an attorney, consultant, C-level Sports Business Executive, athletic trainer, author, and Professional Disrupter based in Washington D.C.  Her company, Advantage Rule LLC, thrives at the intersection of sports, business and social consciousness.
Sheilla Dingus  @Sheilla Dingus
That’s me.  I’m the Founder and Managing Editor of Advocacy for Fairness in Sports.  My early career was in ballroom dancing, but like many of the athletes I write about, I was forced to retire early due to injuries.  My second career was in the legal software industry as a Project Manager and analyst.  I’ve had a few other interesting work experiences along the way.  As editor of my high school newspaper, I’ve always had a strong interest in investigative journalism that was placed on hold prior to starting Advocacy for Fairness in Sports, which began as a solo blog and reached a milestone this year incorporating as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit news group.

When I asked for nominations for best sports law Twitter accounts, I truly was unprepared for the enormous diversity of outstanding accounts that would be nominated—174 in all!  Subject matter ranges from athlete advocacy, injury law, financial fraud, antitrust law, compliance, doping, Title IX, sports betting, esports, and yes business and marketing sports biz aspects of the wide world of sports law also.  Lawyers, economists, writers, researchers, academics, advocates, and activists were nominated all of whom produce outstanding Twitter content.  Some names will quickly ring a bell for those immersed in sports law and others turned out to be more obscure treasures. It was a tough job to narrow things down, but I hope you’ll check out and follow these outstanding representations of #sportslaw Twitter.

Nominations were done independently and accounts receiving more than one nomination automatically made the cut, accounting for our Top 40 placements alphabetically.

Receiving four nominations and filling the top two spots of our Twitter Sports Law 100:

1, @andyhre Andy Schwarz
Economist, specializing in antitrust & damages & sport economics. Opinions my own. My firm: . Spreading the word about HBLeague. (Andy served as an expert in the Alston v. NCAA litigation and tweets mostly about NCAA amateurism issues and plans to give the association some competition when HB League debuts.)
2. @RulingSports Alicia Jessop
Sports law professor at Pepperdine, Sportswriter at The Athletic, and contributor to Washington Post.

Receiving three nominations each:

3. @AMELIAsportLAW (Amelia Fouques / LexSportiva)
International Sport lawyer; best practices #GoodGovernanceinSport. President Canadian Sportlaw Association.
4. @DionneKoller Dionne Koller
Sports Law Professor and Director, University of Baltimore Center for Sport and the Law
5 @hogshead3au Nancy Hogshead-Macar
CEO @iChampionWomen; Civil Rights Lawyer, Using sport as a vehicle for social change in the world. 3x Olympic Champ in Swimming (3Au!) #TitleIX #SportsLaw
6. @janesports Jane McManus
Director, Marist’s Center for Sports Communication. New York Daily News sports columnist. Also known for Roller Derby, ESPN, The Journal News, Columbia J-School. Jane writes and tweets about sports, and often her coverage converges with sports law and equality issues.
7. @laurasportslaw Laura Sports Law
Sports lawyer 👩🏻‍⚖️| Company Secretary: Scottish Athletics🏃🏻‍♀️| Legal Aid Panel Member: UEFA ⚽️ | Committee: Association of Sporting Directors.
8. @LawInSport Law in Sport
LawInSport is the go to sports law resources for sports lawyers, business, academics, students & athletes. Helping people understand the legal issues in sport.
9. @McCannSportsLaw Michael McCann
Sports Illustrated Legal Analyst and Staff Writer. Attorney. Sports and Entertainment Law Director @UNHLaw. Editor: Oxford Handbook of American Sports Law. Co Author with @Ed_Obannon:  Court Justice: The Inside Story of My Battle Against the NCAA
10. @patrick_hruby Patrick Hruby
Writer/editor/journalist; UT-Austin @UT_CSCM fellow; alum/contributor lots of places. Sign up for my newsletter, HRealSports.( Deep-dives on multiple sports law issues.)
11. @RickyVolante13 Ricky Volante
Historical Basketball League@hb_league CEO | Sport & Ent Lawyer | Instructor @HarvardExt | #MUFC Fan | Donut Lover | Whiskey Drinker | Tweets are my own views
12. @Sportslaw1 Mark Conrad
Director, Sports Business Program, Gabelli School of Business, Author: The Business of Sports — Off the Field, in the Office, On the News
13. @timnevius Tim Nevius
Sports Attorney; Founder & Executive Director of @College4thletes; Former NCAA Investigator; Former Co-Chair of College Sports @winstonsprtslaw.
14. @WALLACHLEGAL Daniel Wallach
Gaming law & sports betting attorney. Founder, Wallach Legal LLC & @UNHLaw Sports Wagering & Integrity Program. Legal analyst @TheAthletic. Host @ConductPod.
15. @WerlySportsLaw Dan Werly
Sports Lawyer | General Counsel @NashvilleSC | Adjunct Prof @VanderbiltLaw | Co-Chair ABA Sports | Board @iplaylikeagirl

Receiving two nominations each:

16. @_shireenahmed Shireen Ahmed
Out beyond ideas of Sports and Politics there is a field. I’ll meet you there. Sports Activist. Writer. Consultant. Single Mom. (she/her)
17. @AndrewBrandt Andrew Brandt
Exec Director, Moorad Center at Villanova; Exec VP, VaynerSports; Columnist TheMMQB; Business of Sports Podcast; Dad, triathlete, former Packers/ESPN.
18. @AthleteDefender Jason Setchen
Attorney and advocate for professional and NCAA student-athletes. Website. NOT AN AGENT.
19. @BoysenRyan Ryan Boysen
NYC-based journalist at Law360; (extensive NFL coverage).
20. @BrightLightsLLC (David Byrne / David@BrightLights)
Certified Fraud Examiner; Protecting pro athletes’ finances against fraud and exploitation by their financial advisors.
21. @cleateliteanfro Anthony Crudup
Failed Trust Fund Baby. Minnesota IT/CSE Alum. I know things about sports & finances. I used to play footballs. HBCU advocate.
22. @d_mavromati Despina Mavromati
Attorney-at-law, SportLegis Lausanne. Appeals Body Member @UEFA. Teaches sports arbitration & sports contracts @Unil. Lausanne, Switzerland
23. @DLustEsq Dan Lust
Attorney at the intersection of Sports & Law with Goldberg Segalla. Alum of Giants PR and @FordhamLawNYCSuper Lawyers Rising Star.
24. @domcosentino Dom Cosentino
Senior features writer, @theScore. Deadspin forever. Former writer at Deadspin. (Dom writes about legal and cultural issues in the NFL including some truly outstanding stories on the NFL Concussion Settlement).
25. @DrTab3 Thomas A. Baker III
J.D., Ph.D. Associate Professor, Editor of the Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport, Forbes contributor, researches sport law,  sport brand and media management.
26. @HistoryRunner Victoria Jackson
Sports historian @ASU_SHPRS. Faculty affiliate @GlobalSportASU. Former NCAA champ & retired pro. Forever Runner. Victoria is a college athlete advocate and tweets on numerous sports law topics.
27. @JayAllred Jay Allred
Advocate for College Athlete Protections; Partner in ending sexual, emotional and physical abuse of athletes; Publisher of Triad & Triangle Golf Today
28. @JayBilas Jay Bilas
ESPN “Talent.” All opinions expressed here are mine, and should be adopted by you immediately. No tipping.
29. @JulieDiCaro Julie DiCaro
Host @670TheScore. Sportswriter. IU alum. CFC. Recovering lawyer. Host of The Score: Behind The Headlines. Lover of baseball fights, hater of red peppers.
30. @linzsports Lindsay Gibbs
Writer of Power Plays, a no-bullshit newsletter about sexism in sports. Cohost @burnitdownpod. she/her ✍️:
31. @madsal15 Maddie Salamone
Attorney & Athlete Advocate | Former Chair NCAA @div1SAAC | UNC Law | Washed-Up Duke Laxer | Creator @WYEchannel | Coach *opinions to promote positive change*
32. @marcedelman Marc Edelman
Tenured Professor at @Baruch_Zicklin; Lecturer at @Wharton; Adjunct Prof at @FordhamLawNYC; Sports, Antitrust, Gaming & IP Attorney
33. @PaulD_Anderson Paul D. Anderson
Sports-Injury Litigator. Proprietor of Adjunct Professor of Law at UMKC. Medical Cannabis Advocate.
34. @piranhargj Richard Johnson
College Athlete Rights Advocate; Lawyer & Sports Agent Malpractice; and Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility Issues
35. @SBJLizMullen Liz Mullen
Write about representation of professional athletes by agents, unions. Cover sports labor. Write about horseracing when SBJ lets me. Horseplayer
36. @SportsLawBlonde Jaime Miettinen
Real-life Elle Woods for sports, entertainment law Adjunct Prof @DetroitMercyLaw | 🎙Blog+Pod
37. @SportsLawProf Ryan Rodenberg
Author & researcher. Quantitative & doctrinal. Editorial Board: JLAS, JSA, & JASM; major focus on sports betting law.
38. @TedTatos Ted Tatos
Economist & statistician w/ focus on antitrust, IP, & labor. Assoc. econ editor @ Antitrust Bulletin journal. Adjunct econ prof @ Univ. of Utah. Cyclist.
39. @theintercollege The Intercollegiate
Critical coverage of college sports | Newsletter of Intent | Podcast, founded by @DanielLibit.
40. @WarrenKZola Warren K. Zola
Sports Lawyer. Boston College’s Carroll School of Management & the @BCCEOClub. (Everything sports law with a strong focus on NCAA.)

There’s our top 40!  Click to the next page for our remaining 60 top #sportslaw accounts.

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