Unpacking Roger Goodell’s Statement on George Floyd

Goodell statement on George Floyd

Much of America recently witnessed the cold-blooded murder of George Floyd by a police officer sworn to serve and protect. As such we are reminded of the words of Colin Kaepernick and why he refused to stand for the national anthem four years ago.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. … To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

Despite the NFL how the rewarded Kaepernick for his social justice stance with banishment from the league, Roger Goodell issued a statement on George Floyd’s murder because…

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Smith’s Lawsuit Against Michigan Demonstrates the Cost of Speaking Up About the Emperor’s New Clothes

The Emperor at Michigan has no clothes

As the evidence that the Emperor’s clothes aren’t real grows, the cost for adding your voice to the chorus spreading that message escalates as well. No one is more painfully familiar with that price than Kellen Smith.

If everything Smith alleges is true, the campus of the University of Michigan for athletes has not been the utopia of achievement and development that those who profit off the existence of such programs market it as. In reality, it is more like a criminal organization where athletes’ bodies are exploited for the chattel profit and illicit pleasure of others. Her recently filed complaint against multiple defendants is just another sign that the Emperor is indeed naked.

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Russell Okung Continues to Fight the Good Fight

Okung statement

On Monday, Panthers left tackle Russell Okung issued a statement signaling his intent to appeal the dismissal of his NLRB claim.

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Roedel Lawsuit Shows NCAA’s Backward Approach To Actual Governance

Mark Emmert likes doing nothing

Ron Swanson is a fictional character from the popular TV sitcom “Parks and Recreation” made famous by Nick Offerman’s portrayal. One of the character’s quotes, unfortunately, accurately describes the approach the NCAA and its member institutions have taken in regard to preventing sexual violence and holding athletes accountable for the same.

“Normally, if given the choice between doing something and nothing, I’d choose to do nothing. But I will do something if it helps someone else do nothing. I’d work all night if it meant nothing got done.”

Two new civil complaints horrifically detail how this approach has been no laughing matter.

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The NCAA Board of Governor’s Recommendations For NIL Rules Are Nothing But A Political Ploy

Mark Emmert's paintbrush

The NCAA’s Board of Governors made a public appeal to the Congress of the United States of America on Wednesday, April 29. It was veiled as a recommendation of guidelines for its three levels to form rules regarding how athletes at member institutions can receive compensation from third parties for the usage of their images, likenesses and names without negatively affecting their eligibility to play their sports. Even the most cursory review of the Board’s report reveals that veiling to be of the thinnest quality, however.

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Conduct Detrimental Podcast Shines Light on NFL Disability Issues

Conduct DetrimentalEarlier this week Daniel Wallach addressed the inquiries of the new NFL/NFLPA CBA on his sports law podcast, Conduct Detrimental.  If you didn’t catch it in real-time, you don’t want to miss any part of this series where Wallach takes an in-depth look at how changes to the CBA will adversely impact disabled retired players including a view from the past that shows how both the NFL and NFLPA are reneging on their promises to Congress in regard to honoring determinations of the Social Security Administration.

Episode 1: Overview of the Forgotten 400

Episode 2: Lorenzo Alexander

Episode 3: Ben Meiselas

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Giuliana Mendiola’s Discrimination Complaint Demonstrates College Athletics’ Askew Priorities

ucr fire

Giuliana Mendiola alleges she and members of the women’s basketball team at the University of California-Riverside endured abuse and misogyny for years at the hand of the man entrusted to instead create an atmosphere where they all could develop their skills relevant to the sport..

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Fans Needed!

NFL fans

It’s time to educate ourselves on certain aspects of the game that we have willfully or not, ignored up to that point. It’s time to be vocal in our support of the efforts of players for better labor conditions, more protection and benefits for instance. It’s time to let the leagues know that more is expected from them.

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Colorado’s NIL Law is the Epitome of Political Grandstanding

Colorado NIL

With little fanfare because of the coronavirus pandemic, Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed SB20-123 into law on Friday, March 20. It is not only ineffective in regards to its stated intent but codifies into state law that athletes at Colo.’s colleges and universities are second-class citizens in comparison with other employees and students at the same institutions.

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The COVID-19 Effect: When People Show Who They Are, Believe Them

Pinocchio DeMaurice Smith NFLPA CBA

There’s a saying, “When people show you who they are, believe them.”  As people began to grapple with the realities of a pandemic and a world largely without sports, elite NBA/New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson announced that he’d cover the salaries of largely minimum wage venue workers while Gayle Benson, the owner of the Pelicans as well as the NFL’s New Orleans Saints, who is worth multiple billions compared to Zion’s single-digit millions remained silent.  In contrast, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban almost immediately pledged to take care of the team’s hourly workers and began an initiative to provide daycare for the children of healthcare workers.  He has also shown leadership in urging that people are not rushed back to work too quickly.

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