Special Edition Blitz – The Notorious NCAA 12/30/16

The Blitz - The Notorious NCAA
Listen in for essential insights on “commercialism vs. amateurism” in this Conduct Detrimental podcast with Dan Werly and Daniel Wallach with guest Professor Warren K. Zola. “In 2025 people won’t realize how different things were in 2016.” Find out why.

Title IX Scandals:

Is cheer-leading a sport?


Scheduled for the Belk Bowl and given $450 gift card, Jeremy Sprinkle is suspended for attempting to shoplift from Belk.

And more serious crime:


And one final tweet, just because I found it interesting:

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The Blitz 12/30/16

The Cost of Concussions:

Crime Blotter:

NFL Notes:

Sports Betting Wager:

This & That:


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The Blitz 12/29/16

Thank you!

The Advocacy for Fairness in Sports blog just celebrated its 2-month anniversary.   We’ve had over 10,000 hits to the site in our second month!  Thanks so much for reading, and my sincere appreciation and gratitude for your support! ~ Sheilla

NFL Sidelines:

Here’s hoping the field will be ready…

Domestic Violence:

Concussion Discussion:

NCAA Notes:

The Scoop on Sports Betting:

Reply briefs were just filed in the N.J. SCOTUS bid. Daniel Wallach delivered outstanding coverage of this on Twitter yesterday, featuring the briefs by Gov. Christie and the N.J. Horsemen’s Association page by page in their entirety along with expert legal commentary.  @WALLACHLEGAL is definitely a must follow if you want to stay informed on the march toward legalized sports betting!

New Jersey Horseman’s Association Brief:

Gov. Christie’s brief:

The latest movement in Minnesota Wild vs. Draft Ops:

Olympic Aftershocks:

This & That:

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The Blitz 12/28/16

NFL Notes:

I’d really appreciate some re-tweets and shares on this one…#WhereIsMikeNeal? Let’s see if we can find him.

NHL Hits:

MLB Pitches:

NCAA Observations:

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence in Sports:

The Scoop on Sports Betting:

Crime Blotter:

This & That:


Not specific to sports but an important read nonetheless:

Even if you’re not a cricket fan, this is a must read!

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The Blitz 12/27/16

Lasting Impact of Deflategate:

What has become of Mike Neal?

One More Deflategate Take:

In the NFL:

NHL Notes:

What’s New in the MLB CBA?

NCAA News:

Concussion Discussion:

Domestic Violence in Sports:

Crime Blotter:

Writers Wanted:

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The Blitz 12/26/16

Crime Blotter:

Concussion Discussion:

This & That:

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The Blitz 12/25/16

Merry Christmas from Advocacy for Fairness in Sports
NFL Talk:

Concussion Discussion:

Joe Mixon:

Elsewhere in the NCAA:

This & That:

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The Blitz 12/24/16

Highlight Reel:

I placed two highlights you don’t want to miss at the top of today’s Blitz.

The first is Conduct Detrimental Podcast #10 in which the two Dans take on all the major sports law stories of the month of December.  You’ll need some good conversation points for all the family and friends gatherings that are upon us.  Daniel Wallach and Dan Werly deliver the goods.

In the second, Paul D. Anderson crafts an imaginary scenario in college football, but one that could and should happen…

Bowl Skipping Controversy:

Joe Mixon Assault:

Sexual Assault at the University of Minnesota:

Concussion Discussion:

Players Suing NFL in “Living CTE” Litigation Drop Suit

The players, who were suing the league for changes to the CBA which would provide workmen’s comp for living players with CTE-like symptoms requested a voluntary dismissal.  When I approached their counsel for comment he said that individual players will pursue litigation against the various clubs in different states.

Curious about the upcoming NHL expansion?  Here’s your primer:


This & That




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The Blitz 12/23/16

NFL is Consistently Inconsistent:

Attorney Ryan M. Rodenberg did however identify one consistency:

Concussion Discussion:

Also; according to Rick Westhead, Peluso’s lawyer says he plans to call Lou Lamoriello, now Toronto Maple Leafs GM, to testify when case begins in Feb.


Former players in “Living CTE” lawsuit filed for voluntary dismissal of the case which was granted.  Reasons for voluntary dismissal are unclear, however some plaintiffs are involved in other CTE litigation.  Hoping for an update soon.


More Misconduct in the NCAA:

Violence Against Women in Sports:

Police Blotter (and related lawsuits):

This & That:

Get it while you can – the official #Deflategate / #Walkie-Talkiegate limited edition hat!

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The Blitz 12/22/16

The Joe Mixon Saga and Violence Against Women in the Sporting World:

Here are some thoughts about Mixon, the University of Minnesota, and what to do about the problem from my interview with Dr. Mitch Abrams:

Concussion Discussion:

Are they trying to kill this guy or what?  His situation is becoming unreal.

NFL Continues to try to Punt on Retired Player Disability:

Player Rights in the Professional Leagues:

The author of this piece makes some good points and brings in a few varied perspectives which is a good thing. The one issue I’d take is while the NFLPA has made a number of improvements for players, they’re dropping the ball in other areas and players like Lane Johnson, need to call them out from time to time.

Challenges to the Student Athlete in the NCAA:

Fan Violence:

“When you’re dealing with 50,000 to 70,000 fans in an emotionally charged environment, that groupthink changes the dynamic.” Good read.

Deflategate Fallout:

Police Blotter:

Sports Betting:

This & That:

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