The Blitz 11/12/16

The Most comprehensive info you’ll find on NFL’s Ezekiel Elliott Investigation:

NFL Personal Conduct Policy:

And more exemplary conduct…

The NFL Rule Book (sort of):

Concussions & CTE:

The Cannabis Debate:

Derrick Rose seeks legal fees from Jane Doe:

Sports Betting:

This & That:

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The Blitz 11/11/16

Commissioner Goodell & the State of the NFL:

NFL Officiating Issues:

In regard to Walt Anderson – the NFL went against his best recollection as to what gauge he used during Deflategate. Did they think that perhaps he’d suffered one too many concussions and was lapsing into dementia? Probably not. Just needed a particular outcome and Anderson’s best recollection wasn’t producing that outcome. Now Seahawks Richard Sherman has been fined as a result of Anderson’s officiating error. I really hope we don’t see Anderson on the field for the Patriots/Seahawks game. Hard to predict what will happen if he officiates that one.

Food for thought…What was Richard Sherman supposed to do? Stop the play before the whistle was blown? Fine the official? Good luck!

Ezekiel Elliot DV Investigation:

Elsewhere in the NFL aka “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”:

While oxycodone remains the league’s drug of choice…

For some interesting “Concussion Discussion” be sure to check out today’s special edition of “The Blitz.”

College Sports:

MLB News:

Per Jim Baumbach of Newsday Sports, who attendeded Jeurys Familia’s court hearing yesterday, Familia pled not guilty; court ruled that media can’t report victim’s name/image; case will proceed with or without victim’s sanction.  Judge removes “no contact” condition at the request of both parties.

This & That:

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The Blitz Special Edition: “The Concussion Discussion”

Concussion discussion
New Research:

Player Responses:

 NFL Responds to Concussion Settlement Objectors SCOTUS request:

This is an interesting thread…be sure to click for its entirety

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The Blitz 11/10/16

NFL: Chargers in Awkward Situation:

Meanwhile, in Rangers country…

Ezekiel Elliot DV Investigation:

And a few more words on Josh Brown…

Elsewhere in the NFL:


A Few thoughts on this one…

The NHL has implemented a new concussion policy and has received criticism for implementing it in this case, whereas the NFL has received much criticism for doing the opposite. No easy answers with concussions, but in my opinion, best to err on the side of player safety there are many games to be played but a player has but one brain.

One of the best reads of the day (if not the best) via Annie Apple:

“Whether in politics or sports, it’s up to us what kind of America we want to create.”

MLB: Jeurys Familias DV Investigation:

This & That:

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The Blitz 11/9/16

Drew Brees & Others Speak Out:

Saints’ veterans Brees, Strief say growing mistrust is hurting NFL popularity via Mike Triplett at ESPN

How the NFL Could Reverse Its TV Viewership Decline via Scott Rosner at Wharton – U. Penn.


The X’s and O’s of brain injury and youth football via Ralph Nader & Kenneth Reid at Chicago Tribune

Ohio stem cell procedure offering hope to NFL players with multiple concussions via Suzanne Stratford at Fox8 Cleveland

Other NFL News:

San Diego voters overwhelmingly reject Chargers stadium plan via Brent Schrotenboer at USA Today

Kaela Carpenter’s derogatory comments about Richard Sherman shouldn’t be excused as a defense of her husband via Harry Lyles Jr. at SB Nation

Marijuana and Sports:

States are getting ahead of NFL on marijuana via Paul Woody at


Sports Betting:

This and That:

How A Clinton Or Trump Presidency Could Impact MLB Expansion, Anti-Trust Status via Maury Brown at Forbes

Analysis: USADA Arbitration Panel Suspends UFC’s Jon Jones One Year via Jason Cruz at The White Bronco

Man Impersonates Athlete on Snapchat in Order to Obtain Nude Photos of Women via Matthew Lane at Kingsport TimesNews

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The Blitz 11/8/16

State of the NFL:

Ezekiel Elliot Investigation:

Stay tuned folks…I have a feeling this is going to be a great episode. Also be sure to follow @ConductPod if you’re on Twitter:

Greg Hardy Indicted on Felony Cocaine Charges:

And here’s an article from September detailing the arrest:


Officiating in the NFL:

Click for video:

Raiders to Las Vegas?

NCAA – Student Athlete Employee Debate:

Sports Betting News:

Ryan Rodenberg’s Amicus Brief in the NJ Sports Betting Appeal to SCOTUS:

Key Points as per Daniel Wallach

Everything but the kitchen sink:

This was my most popular tweet of the day, and for good reason – excellent advice from Tom Brady!

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The Blitz 11/7/16

The Leadership Strategies of Roger Goodell

Hall of Fame

Sexually Aggressive Culture in College Athletics and Beyond

This & That

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The Blitz 11/6/16

Ken Stabler & Hall of Shame Travesty:

Ezekiel Elliott Investigation:

NFL – Player Rights and Safety:

Derrick Rose tries to recover trial cost from Jane Doe:

All You Need to Know About the NBA CBA Negotiations:

Misdeeds in MLB:

Sexual Misconduct in the NCAA:

Sports Betting:

FYI – This was in the next county over from me. Yikes!

This and That;

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The Blitz 11/5/16 Hall of Shame Issue

NFL Hall of Shame
Hall of Shame:

More Shame in the NFL:

“The Commish”


The Forgotten Players:

Legal vs. Illegal Doping in Sports:

All You Need to Know About New NBA CBA Negotiations

Courtesy of Dan Werly and The White Bronco

Sports Betting:

This & That:

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The Blitz 11/4/16

NFL – Player’s Rights:

NFL – Fumbles and Ratings Woes:

Mark Cuban’s Evaluation

Ratings now not just affecting the NFL and their advertisers, but sports bars as well

Concussions & CTE:

Fan Violence:

Jeurys Familia Domestic Violence Accusations and Beyond:

Sexual Misconduct in USA Gymnastics and NCAA:

World Series Tidbits:

Sports Betting:

All the Rest:

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