The Blitz 12/10/16

Speaks for Itself — Horrible!

Will Smith Murder Trial

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in Sports:

Forgotten Players:

Painkillers in the NFL:

NHL Concussion News:

. . . and in NCAA:

Russian Doping Scandal:

Sports Betting:

This & That

I’m hearing a lot of good things about this upcoming documentary

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The Blitz 12/9/16

Next Scandal in NFL?

(if not, it should be…)

Great Recap of Day 4 of the Trial for the Murder of Saints Will Smith

Mark Barnes/DeMarcus Cousins Assault & Battery Suit:

Art Briles Files Lawsuit Against Baylor Board of Regents:

Growing Allegations of Sex Abuse in British Soccer

Russian Doping Scandal:

Painkillers and Concussions – a Deadly Combo:


Jerry Jones to be deposed in painkiller lawsuit

Sports Betting News:

This & That:

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The Blitz 12/8/16

 Day 3 Update on Cardell Hayes Trial for Murder of Will Smith:

Giants Player’s Home Vandalized with Racial Hate Messages:

Painkillers vs. Marijuana in the Sports Leagues:

Concussion Discussion:

No Fun League News:

Sacramento Kings Forward Matt Barnes Accused of Assault and Battery in New Lawsuit:

Aaron Hernandez Back in Court:

DraftKings to Settle DFS Lawsuit in Tennessee:

Husband of the Plaintiff in this case is a bank manager who embezzled $1,000,000 to finance his gambling habit

This & That:

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The Blitz 12/7/16

Cardell Hayes Trial for Murder of Will Smith:

Joe McKnight Shooting:

Resolution of Mike Pennel’s Litigation:

The Case for Marijuana in the Sports Leagues:

Concussion Discussion:

Sexual Assault in Sports:

One ?Last? Deflategate Take:

This & That:

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The Blitz 12/6/16

Cardell Hayes Trial for the Murder of Will Smith:

Jury selection took place in New Orleans on Monday in the murder trial of Cardell Hayes for the murder of former New Orleans Saints DE Will Smith.  Voir dire questioning took place all day and was finally completed at 9:42 PM.  The jury composition is 8 women, 4 men. 7 white, 5 black.  Defense attorney @CJMordock (who is not involved with the case) covered much of the voir dire questioning on Twitter and has also projected  what to expect in opening statements and projected lines of questioning:

C.J. Mordock (@CJMordock) via Twitter on what to expect from Prosecution’s opening statement:

“Prosecution will tell a story. Expect them to play heavy on football and Saints imagery. Talk about Will Smith as a family man and husband. They’ll have a big picture of him as a visual. They’ll retrace the timeline of April 9th. Talk about Smith and Racquel’s day at French Quarter Fest, their dinner with Ceravolo and Pierre at Sake Cafe. Then contrast that will the violent end to the evening. They will minimize the alleged hit and run. Say no damage to Hayes’ H2. Hayes then accelerated after Smith ending in him rear ending Smith’s G wagon violently. They will paint Hayes has being angry and violent firing first at Smith, then indiscriminately hitting Racquel in the leg. They’ll state there’s no evidence Hayes called 911. He had no choice but to stay on the scene. And ask for a guilty verdict on all counts. In Louisiana, defense lawyers are given such little discovery that we are hamstrung during opening statements. Now, I know Fuller has done a Full investigation. He still doesn’t know exactly what the prosecution witness will say. Therefore his goal in opening statement are few. He’ll want to humanize Cardell Hayes. Point out his family members that are in the court room. Talk about his football career. He may mention that Hayes’ dad was killed by NOPD, if he thinks he can get away with it. He’ll certainly talk about Will Smith as the aggressor. He’ll mention Smith’s domestic violence arrest. Then I would expect him to dovetail into Racquel Smith. What he expects her to say and what evidence he has that shows why you shouldn’t believe her. He’ll end discussing NOPD and how the investigation was poor and what they failed ro do that might cause people to view case differently. We’ll definitely get some testimony tomorrow. State will call a close relative of Will Smith as the first witness, not Racquel as her cross [examination] will be brutal. But someone who can humanize Will Smith and talk about the loss and how it has affected his family. Generate sympathy. Most of their testimony won’t be relevant. Fuller will stand up on cross and say “I am sorry for your loss.”‘and sit down. I’d expect the next witness to be an NOPD first responder. They’ll want to establish that a crime occurred. Identify injuries etc. Then the state will want to play some 911 calls. They’ll call the custodian of records and use the biz records exception to the hearsay rule to get the incident recall, a sheet of paper showing time of call, date of call, phone number called from and the calls themselves. The state will want to end the first day’s testimony at that point. We’ll see if Judge Buras pushes them beyond that.”

And for background on the case and more of what may be expected, be sure to read this SI article by Michael McCann

Mike Pennel Hearing Update:

Seantrel Henderson Suspension:

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in Sports:

MLB: Jeurys Familia

NBA: Derrick Rose

Concussion Discussion:

NBA: Matt Barnes Sought by NYPD Regarding Assault at NYC Nightclub

Seventh Circuit Rules that Student Athletes are Not Employees


This & That:

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The Blitz 12/5/16

NFL News:

Lengthy but important read if you’re interested in how the NFL is manipulating us. (I know – you’re probably thinking nothing they’d do would surprise you – but some of this probably will!)

To move or not to move?  That is the question…

Mike Pennel Lawsuit Update:

Overall – a Good CBA for Baseball

But what were they thinking here?  Stingiest per diem I’ve ever seen!

But elsewhere in the MLB:

In the NBA:

Joe McKnight Shooting Death:

Will Smith Trial:

Domestic Violence in Sports:

Concussion Discussion:

This & That:

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The Blitz 12/2/16

CBA Talk:

The Dans discuss the new MLB CBA, and then segue into an in-depth on what to expect in the NBA.  Incl. discussion of NFL and how Trump presidency likely won’t help NFLPA in court. Also overview of how legalized sports betting could be beneficial to leagues and players.  Lots of great info you won’t find elsewhere.

Concussion Discussion:


NFL Players Victims of Senseless Violence:

Elsewhere in the NFL:

See what Roger Goodell tells players prior to the draft, and then the reality they find playing in the NFL

British Soccer Molestation Scandal:

Sports Betting Insights and Projections:

This & That:

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The Blitz 12/1/16

Prescription Painkillers in the NFL:

And yet, with all of the dangerous painkiller abuse, a player faces suspension for using doctor prescribed medical marijuana for management of the pain associated with Crohn’s disease…

Concussions & CTE:

Other Litigation:

Players Behaving Badly:

New CBA in MLB:

Brazil Soccer Tragedy:

This & That:

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The Blitz 11/30/16

Lawsuits Against the NFL/NFLPA:

Packers Mike Pennel sues NFL/NFLPA for failure to abide by PED policy

Eagles Lane Johnson files DOL complaint against Players Association

This isn’t a lawsuit yet…but expect one…

Bills Seantrel Henderson suspended 10 games for using doctor prescribed medical marijuana to treat Crohn’s disease

Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones to be deposed in painkiller lawsuit

I hope to have an in-depth article on this story out later this afternoon or evening.

In related news…should marijuana be considered an alternative to RX painkillers?

Concussion Crisis:

Michael McCann Breaks Down the MLB Labor Crisis:

Everything Else:

Thought provoking essay…

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The Blitz 11/29/16

The Latest Conduct Detrimental Podcast takes up issues from throughout the realm of sports law:

Listen in as Dan Werly and Daniel Wallach lend their insights as to what’s next for Ezekiel Elliott and Josh Brown; Derrick Rose trial insights; new developments in the quest for legal sports betting, NCAA transfer lawsuit and just about everything that’s a hot topic in #sportslaw now.

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault in Sports

While women are the more common victims, men and boys are not excluded from sexual abuse

Tragic Plane Crash in Columbia Takes Lives of 76, Including Majority of Brazilian Soccer Team:

Concussion & CTE News:

Legal Troubles in the NFL:

MLB’s CBA Developments:

Sports Betting News:


Elsewhere in the NFL:

This & That

Will people never learn?

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