The Blitz Special Edition – Concussions and Player Safety


To start…a powerful piece from Jonathan P. Baird of the Concord Monitor about NFL apathy and the devastating aftermath of concussions at all playing levels:

NFL concussion litigation:

Progress in the NHL?

New Technologies for Diagnosis?

Player Safety:

My article on safety at the high school level with shout out to my own alma mater, Dobyns Bennett in Kingsport, TN!

And, in case you missed it the first time around, my interview with Matt Chatham and his thoughts on how he believes the NFLPA may have inadvertently dropped the ball:

And a couple more takes….

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The Blitz 10/29/16

Violence erupts at an NFL game
Violence against women in sports and beyond:

I’ve featured some very insightful articles and of course news of where it’s happening again.

In the NFL:

For more insight on what took place with Mortensen during Deflategate, the full article from The Ringer

And for Deflategate Diehards:

Intervener Michelle McGuirk has appealed to SCOTUS

In the NBA:

The World Series:

Sexual Abuse Allegations in U.S. Gymnastics:

UFC News:

Sports Betting News:

Part II from the Chalk series

Part III from the Chalk series

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News Blitz 10/28/16 Dirty Deeds Issue

dirty deeds

New Conduct Detrimental Podcast:

Dan Werly and Daniel Wallach go deep with Deadspin reporter Diana Moskovitz on the Josh Brown fiasco.

If you missed Diana’s artice on why a Zero Tolerance policy for Domestic Violence won’t work, be sure to check it out now:

NFL & Domestic Violence:

Can’t help but wonder how this will be handled.

Elsewhere in the NFL:

More on everyone’s favorite commissioner:

Strong words from Tom Curran

NBA News:

Dirty Deeds in Gymnastics:

Sports Betting Update:

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News Blitz 10/27/16

Josh Brown domestic violence debacle:

Elsewhere in the NFL:




Fantasy Sports/Sports Betting:

Everything Else:

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News Blitz 10/26/16

Major journalists indict Roger Goodell:

Excerpt from the article posted above:

One of my favorite writers, Michael Hurley details that everything from handling of DV discipline to fining William Gay for wearing DV awareness cleats theres “a despicable culture on display in the NFL,” and finaly calls for the commissioner’s job.

Sally Jenkins spares no words for Roger Goodell in the article below:

NFL ratings woes:

NY Giants release Josh Brown, but it this too little too late?

John Mara statement:

Josh Brown’s first statement:

And his second:

Diana Moskovitz explains why there really are no easy solutions to domestic violence:

Note: Diana will be the featured guest on the Conduct Detrimental podcast with Daniel Wallach and Dan Werly later this week, and this will be discussed in depth.  Check it out on i-tunes or The White Bronco

Doe v. Rose:

The next step for Colin Kaepernick:

Sports betting developments:

Odds & Ends:

Chase Carlson is really on top of this – see his Twitter feed for addtional insights:

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Let’s Gooooo!

We’re finally getting underway!

Today is the first day of  Got my old articles from moved over and hope to have some brand new content out very soon.  Thank you for your support!

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