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Chris Hudson’s Disability Case Presents Critical Questions for Retired NFL Players

Hudson Case Shows How NFL and NFLPA Step on Retired Players

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Hudson Case Demonstrates How NFL and NFLPA Steps on Retired Players

Hudson Case Shows How NFL and NFLPA Step on Retired Players

The continued failures of the NFL Players Association are most demonstrable in a collective bargaining agreement that heavily favors people who in poetic irony call themselves “owners.” While it’s difficult to perceive all the consequences of every “jot and tittle” of such a contract at the time of negotiation, the egregious flaws from a player perspective aren’t minor oversights that union leadership couldn’t have seen coming which have merely inconvenienced members.

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Cognitively Impaired Player files Lawsuit Against NFL, NFLPA After 18 Years of Stonewalling

Andre Royal - The NFL Disability Monopoly Game

The NFL is inconsistent in many ways—player discipline, domestic violence, concussion protocols, and even enforcement of their on-field rules. Has anyone figured out what a catch is yet? The one area in which the NFL is the epitome of consistency is how they battle former players who seek to collect for disabilities resulting from their NFL careers. In both the CBA bargained disability plan and the concussion settlement, damaged players face an uphill battle to find recompense. “Delay, deny, and hope they die,” should be engraved on the cornerstone of every tax-payer subsidized NFL stadium. Such is the story of Andre Royal, as documented in a recently filed lawsuit against the NFL, the NFLPA and the Bert Bell/Pete Rozelle Retirement Plan.

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Busy Docket Week!

This week the federal dockets were full of opinions, orders, and lawsuits concerning retired NFL players in both the disability and concussion settlement spheres as well as cases concerning other athletes. We’ll try to recap as many as possible over the weekend so check back in when you can.  The first story details an order …

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