The CFL’s Canary in a Coal Mine

Canary in a coal mine

Over the past decade or so, evidence that something was wrong with former NFL players’ brains has grown exponentially.  The living, and even the dead told tales that the NFL did not want to hear.
During that time Boston University CTE researchers established a brain bank to “better understand the long term effects of repetitive head trauma” on football players and at that time, the CFL took notice, seeing it as the first, dangerous, shot across the bow for their league.

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Conflicts of interest appear to abound in CFLAA


The CFLAA states as its mission, “The Canadian Football League Alumni Association unites former CFL players in support of sport, youth, and health related charitable causes, former players experiencing a medical challenge that creates a financial hardship, and the promotion of football in the community.”  These goals inherently create a conflict of interest for the organization. 

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