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Luck’s retirement, and pain he endured, hit close to home for former NFLer

Rich Ohrnberger and children


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Andrew Luck’s retirement, and pain he endured, hit close to home for former Charger

Rich Ohrnberger

“I stayed in the game but was struggling to remember what the play call was when I was coming out of the huddle. Our quarterback would give us the play, but I’d forgotten once I got to the line of scrimmage. I kept tapping the center on the leg when we’d get into our stances: “What’s the call?”

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The Blitz 10/8/17

The Blitz

Important Sports & Sports Law News Week of October 8, 2017   📖Read of the Week: Six days in September: NFL players seized control as league scrambled https://t.co/VhYhIuvVGs via @DVNJr & @SethWickersham — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) October 1, 2017 ⚖️Litigation Lane: NFL Concussion Settlement My deep-dive into the disturbing maze of obstacles facing players in …

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The Blitz Weekend Edition 5/20/17

Happy Weekend from Advocacy for Fairness in Sports and The Blitz

⚖️Litigation Lane: NFL Painkiller Lawsuits Excellent analysis of painkiller lawsuits via @ZachZagger Painkiller Battles Loom Over NFL Despite Early Success https://t.co/FFRt1uXfZC pic.twitter.com/ZxnchhubLz — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) May 19, 2017 Adrian Robinson vs. NFL, Riddell If you’re interested in the depths of which the NFL will dive in order to promote its brand and increase profit …

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The Blitz – Super Bowl Media Day Special Edition

Media Day Blitz

The NFL’s Super Bowl Media Circus in Houston: As a former commissioner attempts to dig his way out of some 💩 HOF candidate Paul Tagliabue exclusive: My 1994 concussion remarks “a mistake“ https://t.co/BVIIvEgHF6 — Rick Gosselin (@RickGosselin9) February 1, 2017 The current commissioner continues to bury himself deeper… On Football: The Goodell-to-English translation machine helps us …

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The Blitz – Weekend – 1/14/17

The Blitz - Weekend Edition

Painkiller Purgatory in the Sports Leagues The damage to the brains of players from concussion risk is now becoming well-known. What is less known but also alarming is the abuse of prescription painkillers in the NFL and NHL. 23 of 50 NFL players surveyed this season re their use of Toradol say they’ve been using …

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