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Two Stanford Alumni. Two Very Different NFLs for Andrew Luck and Amon Gordon

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Andrew Luck and Amon Gordon are two Stanford alumni whose NFL options were very different. Over the weekend Colts’ quarterback, Andrew Luck startled the NFL world with his decision to retire at the relatively young age of 29. As Ken Belson writes, in the New York Times, “Luck belongs to a young generation more carefully weighing the dangers of the game against the financial rewards.

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Advocacy for Fairness in Sports General Interest Newsletter August 2019

Advocacy for Fairness in Sports News

Our newsletter is out! Read all about our latest investigative sports law reporting here.

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Hidden inside the concussion epidemic: Inner ear damage


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Hidden Inside the Concussion Epidemic: Inner Ear Damage


The increasing recognition of concussions by medical practitioners and the population at large is a huge advance for those of us who take care of head-injured patients.

Unfortunately, the recognition of a simultaneous inner ear problem was, and still is, routinely missed. Inner ear damage during a concussion is not only common, it is difficult or near impossible to have a concussion WITHOUT having an inner ear injury. After a car accident and a trip to the emergency room, broken bones get set and bleeding gets tended to, but the damage to your inner ear usually doesn’t get noticed. Why?

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The NHL is taking a victory lap for now

Gary Bettman's victory lap

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NHL Taking Victory Lap While Concussion Settlement Holdouts Struggle

Gary Bettman's victory lap

As the National Hockey League has completed another season and a new batch of draft picks are signing contracts with the clubs that selected them, the NHL seems to be feeling it. That confidence is apparent in its latest activity in the ongoing concussion litigation.

Months after the NHL reached a settlement with all but six of the over 300 plaintiffs who sued the league for damages they alleged were due to neural trauma suffered while employed as players in its games, the NHL is looking to conclude the matter with a resounding victory that will leave such players and their families to deal with the effects of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, chronic traumatic encephalopathy and dementia on their own budgets and efforts.

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Gary Bettman just cleared the Barr

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Bettman Clears the Barr

May Day 2019 was an unprecedented opportunity for people in North America to behold two important figures appear before two governmental bodies and try their best to sell their disinformation.

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Battle between the NFL and its Insurers is Heating Up

NFL-Insurers Battle Heating Up

After a slow period of docket activity, the NFL and its insurers are slugging it out in the Supreme Court of New York as the insurers seek to learn what the NFL knew regarding concussions and brain injury and degree of related deception to players and themselves.

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Battle of the Titans – NFL v Insurers

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