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Please Support Advocacy for Fairness in Sports on Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

2019 has been a milestone year for Advocacy for Fairness in Sports!  After over 3 years as a predominately solo enterprise, Advocacy for Fairness in Sports incorporated as a nonprofit in April of this year, receiving 501(c)(3) status by the IRS in August, retroactive to our incorporation date.

Sheilla has done groundbreaking work in investigating the NFL Concussion Settlement over the past couple of years and especially this year when dangerous appeals threatening to unravel the settlement began appearing on the private and secretive settlement portal, inaccessible to the public.  She was relentless in obtaining documents to expose the abuses and has worked tirelessly to support and inform the retired NFL community of issues of vital importance.

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Tis the Season to Give!

Giving Tuesday


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Thank you to our donors!

Advocacy for Fairness in Sports launched its first fundraiser on June 24, and would like to say thank you to those who have kindly donated to our work.  If you’d like to sign up for one of our three newsletters, you can do so here.   You can read our first one

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Initial Fundraising Letter – June 2019

We’ve published a lot of informative content that you cannot find anywhere else over the past three years including possibly the most important story that I’ve written to date – a primer explaining Judge Brody’s April decision in the NFL concussion lawsuit and its negative impacts on claimants in the NFL concussion claims process. In addition, we have brought together some of the most respected minds in the world of academia, sports law, and athletes to provide a unique perspective to our readers.

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