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SEC Sues Lawyer for Defrauding Cognitively Impaired Ex-NFLers

SEC sues Cambridge Capital

On August 28, the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a complaint in the Northern District of Florida detailing unbridled fraud against cognitively impaired retired NFL players by a lawyer who once represented them.

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Former NFLer Settles Lawsuit Against Pain Clinic

Jared Allen's NIL misappropriated by pain clinic

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Ex-NFLer Settles Lawsuit for Misappropriation of his Name Image and Likeness

Jared Allen's NIL misappropriated by pain clinic

Imagine minding your own business and going about your day only to get a phone call from someone saying they saw your ad, and you learn that you’ve been displayed in full-color, glossy pages advertising a pain clinic you’ve never been to, endorsing a doctor who’s never treated or examined you, and seeing “your statements” that his treatments got you to the Super Bowl.  That’s exactly what retired NFLer Jared Allen alleges in a lawsuit filed against Pain Free Life Centers and Dr. Jeff Morton.

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Retired NFL Players Face Financial Fraud

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