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The Owners don’t want to pay benefits!

Daniel Snyder

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Mercury Morris: The Owners don’t want to pay benefits!

Daniel Snyder

Some things stand the test of time and this article by Mercury Morris is one of them. Unfortunately, little if anything has changed regarding the NFL Disability Plan except added efforts to prevent players from qualifying and/or purging them from their previously approved awards.

“The Owners don’t want to pay benefits” is not only a statement of fact regarding Retired Players and what we are now experiencing, that statement is also the very ‘’Foundation’’ of who these people are right now.
In fact, the affidavit I have from Chris Geotz, a former player who suffered a career-ending shoulder injury in the early 1990s validates my point. Dr. David Nevaiser, a ‘’Neutral Physician’’ from Atlanta in 1993 told Chris Geotz the following:

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Who hid the doctors?

doctors in a box

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Who Hid the NFL Disability Doctors?

doctors in a box

Sometimes what you see tells a story.  Sometimes what you don’t see tells an even bigger one.  Both statements are true when it comes to the NFL’s Bert Bell-Pete Rozelle Retirement/Disability Plan.

Players have a very difficult task in qualifying for disability benefits, especially if their injuries are related to their careers, and the most difficult level of all to qualify for is “Active Football,” which means the player became disabled within six months of the end of his career.  Often players leave the game injured and think they’ll get better.  Often they try to rehab for more than six months before they give up and decide to apply for disability, but should they wait six months and a day after their last game, they’ll be forever locked into a lower benefit tier without extensive litigation and often even when they litigate.

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NFL Continues Throwing Formers Players to Lions

Darren Mickell thrown to lions by #NFL Roger Goodell John Mara, Jed York, Clark Hunt , Mark Davis

“A full and fair review required the Plan to construe Plan terms according to their plain meaning, avoiding interpretations that would render some language meaningless. A full and fair review also required the Plan to consider all available evidence, as opposed to automatically deferring to its hired evaluators’ employability conclusions and disregarding all evidence proffered by Mickell. A full and fair review further obligated the Plan to consider the cumulative effect of all of Mickell’s conditions on his ability to meet the definition of Disability, rather than evaluating each condition in a silo.” So reads the opening statement in Darren Mickell’s appellant brief to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, following denial of his disability claim.

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NFL Disability Pulls Rug From Under Player Disabled Since ’82

Delvin Williams NFL Disability Roger Goodell Groom Law

NFL Concussion Settlement News: Chris Seeger Submitted his third post-effective date fee petition on July 25. Click below to access the complete document. 

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NFL Disability Pulls Rug From Under a Player Disabled Since 1982

Delvin Williams NFL Disability Roger Goodell Groom Law

The NFL gridiron has often been compared to the gladiatorial displays of Ancient Rome. While the modern gladiators don’t typically fight to the death as their ancient counterparts did, they seldom escape the high-stakes contests without serious injuries.

It’s almost as if a private gladiatorial contest is taking place off the public’s radar—one performed on demand and at the pleasure of the league’s 32 billionaire owners—and with the apparent blessing of the NFLPA. It’s a contest that pits the NFL and NFLPA Plan’s chosen champion, Groom Law Group, against the retired players who return to collect the benefits they bargained for. Delvin Williams is the latest retired player to be forced into the ring.

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NFL Disability Seeks to Claw Back Benefits Paid to a Former Player

Roger Goodell NFL Disability

The NFL disability plan is hitting a new low, in the disability case of Tyrone Keys. For decades retired players have fought with the NFL/NFLPA administered Bert Bell/Pete Rozelle Disability Plan.  Things got so bad that congressional hearings were held in 2007 to address the problem.

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