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Jesse Solomon

Jesse Solomon finally received his disability benefits after a lengthy battle in federal court.  It shouldn’t be this hard.

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The Blitz 6/19/17 – 6/25/17

The Blitz

Are you sure you’ve caught all the major #sportslaw headlines and fairness in sports issues over the past week?  This weekly round up is sure to bring you up to speed. ⚖️Litigation Lane: NFL Painkiller Lawsuit I haven’t seen anyone else reporting on the latest in the #NFL painkiller lawsuit, so here’s my take.

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The Blitz 12/9/16

The Blitz

Next Scandal in NFL? (if not, it should be…) My latest article tells a sordid tale. Hope you’ll have a chance to read it.https://t.co/TftlMhjhIU — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) December 9, 2016 Great Recap of Day 4 of the Trial for the Murder of Saints Will Smith Recap of yesterday’s testimony in #WillSmithTrial

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Denial of NFL Player’s Disability Claim Shrouded in Inconsistencies and Conflicts of Interest

Football is family - yeah, right.

“Football is family.” That’s the warm, fuzzy sentiment the NFL broadcasts time and again every Sunday (and Monday and Thursday) to all who will listen. The harsh truth of the matter is “football is family” as long as you’re generating revenue for the league. Jesse Solomon played nine years in the NFL. During his career as a linebacker for the Vikings, Cowboys, Buccaneers, Falcons, and Dolphins it is estimated that he experienced at least 69,000 full-speed contact hits.

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