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Judge Moves Goalpost; Richard Dent Returns to the Ninth Circuit

ICYMI Advocacy for Fairness in Sports’ September newsletter for retired NFL players and families published yesterday.

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Why Does a Federal Judge Insist on Giving the NFL Multiple Get Out of Jail Free Cards for Drug Violations?

Godfather Roger Goodell NFL painkiller lawsuit - Richard Dent - Judge William Alsup

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Richard Dent Looks to Sack NFL Motion to Dismiss at Upcoming Hearing

Richard Dent v NFL painkiller lawsuit

A hearing is set for March 21, in which the NFL’s motion to dismiss the painkiller lawsuit filed by Hall of Famer, Richard Dent, will be argued before Judge William Alsup at the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

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It’s Game On in the Dent Painkiller Lawsuit Against the NFL

Judge William Alsup presides over Dent Painkiller Lawsuit against NFL

This breakdown of the NFL motion examines and rebuts their arguments.  I’ve included a Dick and Jane primer for Judge Alsup in case he needs some additional assistance in understanding the case.

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NFL Files Motion to Dismiss Dent Painkiller Lawsuit

Judge William Alsup presides over Dent Painkiller Lawsuit against NFL

Richard Dent’s lawsuit accusing the NFL of a callous return to play culture based on illicitly medicating players to hide their injuries and maximize profits is back in the District Court for the Northern District of California, and a colossal “chess match” is underway.

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Judge Alsup Denies Remaining Claims in NFL Painkiller Lawsuit

Bid to add Carlos Rogers to NFL painkiller lawsuit denied

July 22, 2017
Sheilla Dingus
@SheillaDingus In granting motion for summary judgment in favor of NFL Clubs San Diego/LA Chargers, Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers, late Friday July 21, Judge Alsup has declared the only provisions available to players for recourse of injury are workers’ compensation and …

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Two Remaining Plaintiffs in NFL Painkiller Lawsuit Fight to Keep Case Alive

NFL Painkiller Lawsuit

June 23, 2017
Sheilla Dingus
@SheillaDingus A lawsuit that began with numerous accusations against all 32 NFL Clubs by 14 former players was whittled down to what Judge Alsup deemed “sufficiently pled” allegations against 14 teams by 9 players last month, but in accordance with Alsup’s interpretation of …

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