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9th Circuit Denies Request for Hearing En Banc – MiLB Class Cert Survives

MiLB suit

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The 9th Circuit Just Gave Professional Athletes A Rare Labor Win

MiLB suit

Possible dramatic reform of the developmental leagues for professional baseball in North America is an issue on many fronts. For athletes, it’s a huge labor issue. Unfortunately for most minor-league baseball players, their ability to affect the decisions made by the disparate leagues they play in under the umbrella of minor league baseball is minimal. The MLBPA does not include them and so far all efforts to unionize players in the minor leagues have failed. Because of that, players like Aaron Senne have sought better working conditions through the courts instead of labor negotiations. A recent development on that front is reminiscent of a memorable moment from a popular television show.

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“The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Oil” Labor Lessons from Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown's squeaky wheel

“I love it when a plan comes together.” This line was made famous by George Peppard’s character Hannibal Smith, in the 1980’s series A-Team. Antonio Brown is probably putting the line to good use as he enjoys a day off on the first Sunday of the NFL’s 100th season.
What appeared as madness to many appears to have been a well-orchestrated plan by Brown to extract himself from an increasingly untenable spot in Pittsburgh and navigate to a destination where his talents might be better appreciated and labor could take a few lessons from Brown’s “madness.”

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