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Florida’s New NIL Rule Turns the State into an Agent of NCAA

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New Jersey’s SB 971 is the Compromise of 1850 Reincarnated


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Nebraska Senator Megan Hunt Calls Upon Experience In Fighting For College Athletes’ Rights

Senator Megan Hunt

Megan Hunt is a first in several ways. She is not only the first woman to represent her district in Nebraska’s unicameral legislature but the first member of the Nebraska Senate from any district who is also openly bisexual. The 33-year-old Democrat is also about to become the first Nebraska Senator to propose a bill that would allow college athletes in the state to profit off their names, images and likenesses without it affecting their eligibility to participate in NCAA athletics.

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The Blitz Special Edition: “The Nuclear Option”

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Podcast discussion with Daniel Wallach and Dan Werly: Listen in on The White Bronco New Conduct Detrimental Pod: @WALLACHLEGAL & I discuss the breaking news of NJ’s attempt to legalize sports gambling https://t.co/fBpEGhBpG4 &mdash ; Dan Werly (@WerlySportsLaw) November 1, 2016 or i-tunes Great commentary here from @WALLACHLEGAL @WerlySportsLaw, hosts of …

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