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New Lawsuit Seeks to Halt Cuts to NFL Disability

Lawsuit Seeks to Halt NFL Disability Cuts

On Monday a new federal class-action lawsuit was filed in the Northern District of Illinois, that seeks to recover benefits lost by disabled retired NFL players in the 2020 CBA. 

To review, in a series of questionable moves, benefits for disabled retirees were deemed subject to a Social Security offset beginning in January 2021, and then in April 2024, the elimination of approval through Social Security determinations to be replaced solely on determinations by Disability Plan doctors and the Disability Board.  In case you’re just now getting up to speed on these events, prior to Congressional Hearings in 2007 addressing the dismal approval rate for NFL Total and Permanent Disability and pressure from Congress, to do better, one had nearly as much of a chance of winning the lottery as being approved for NFL Disability.

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NFL Concussion Appeal Argues One Door For White Players, Another for Blacks

Two Doors One for Whites One for Blacks in NFL Concussion Settlement

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Attorney Goes on Offense Against Spotty NFL Arguments

leopards in the court

The NFL has shown time and again that it’s a leopard that never changes its spots. In response to an appeal by a nine-year defensive lineman who was diagnosed with severe dementia at the young age of 33, the NFL has continued to repeat the same numbing refrain that it has for the better part of three years in its quest to stop dementia claims in their tracks, especially the claims of younger players, whom the NFL doesn’t want to admit are damaged, nor does it want to pay the high-dollar awards that younger claimants qualify for.

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Psychology, Sociology and Law Intersect in Amon Gordon’s NFL Concussion Appeal

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Psychology, Sociology and Law Converge in Amon Gordon’s NFL Concussion Appeal to the Third Circuit

On Tuesday, in response to a show cause order asking why the Third Circuit should accept a concussion settlement claim appeal, Wendy Fleishman of Lieff Cabraser filed two briefs supporting her client Amon Gordon and opposition responses were filed by the NFL and Lead Class Counsel Christopher Seeger. As you might expect the briefs were a bit on the dry side since purely legal issues were addressed as opposed to delving into the merits of the case, and I’ll recap the legalese in a bit, but first, I’ll look at an issue that’s anything but “dry.”

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