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Media Role in Deflategate and Beyond

gavel on the NFL

This piece began as discussion assignment for UNH law professor Michael McCann’s Deflategate class. Professor McCann instructed the class to evaluate the role of the media in the public’s perception of the Deflategate scandal. Today, I had a discussion with free-lance journalist and NFL Spin Zone and Fansided contributor Russell Baxter regarding the challenges journalists face in grabbing the public’s attention when trying to write factual and not necessarily sensational stories. We agreed that people tend to respond most strongly to emotionally charged content, and I believe the perpetuation of false news throughout the election cycle reinforces what I’m about to say. Even though this is a bit lengthy, I think it’s important for the public to understand the struggles journalists face and also how the media can manipulate those willing to react without thinking, so even though this is lengthy, I hope you’ll give it a whirl. While I’m writing through the lens of Deflategate, it’s applicable to just about any subject

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