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What Robert Kraft Should Explain to Rob Gronkowski When He Tries to Coax Him From Retirement

Rob Gronkowski and Robert Kraft

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The Conversation Robert Kraft Should Be Having With Gronk

Rob Gronkowski and Robert Kraft

According to multiple reports, New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft has been trying to convince Rob Gronkowski to end his retirement and rejoin the team.  Since Gronkowski has not yet submitted formal retirement papers, he would be eligible to return prior to November 30 if he chose to do so.  Per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, “Kraft told Gronkowski that he wants him to return for November, December, and a playoff run. If that happened, the team not only would welcome him back but would remain hopeful that it happens.”  That conversation is said to have taken place in March when Gronkowski announced his retirement.  As recently as October, Kraft expressed his desire for Gronk’s return, “We all love Gronk and I think the bottom line is, he hasn’t put his retirement papers in. We can pray and hope. … I think that’s a good academic argument that there is hope with Gronk.” 

It’s unclear if additional overtures have been made, but if so, Kraft should take a few steps back and consider what he’s asking.

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Ryan Claridge’s Story Highlights Fragility of Careers in Professional Sports

Ryan Claridge

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Ryan Claridge’s Story Highlights Fragility of Careers in Professional Sports

Ryan Claridge

The short window of opportunity that many men and women who are skilled enough athletes to have a chance to earn a living doing so can often be overestimated. The story of former NFL player Ryan Claridge is a reminder of how fragile those situations are.

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Ryan Claridge v I-Flow Corp

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What Cards Does Antonio Brown Hold in His Pay Grievance with the Patriots?

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Did Antonio Brown Play One Hand Too Many?

“You’ve got to know when to hold ’em; know when to fold ’em…” The iconic song seems to comport with Antonio Brown’s situation. In what realistically was only a couple of weeks ago but now seems like eons, I wrote about how Brown had played his cards perfectly in landing with what is presumed his preferred destination with the New England Patriots and securing a high-dollar contract, following his controversial departures from the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders. He even picked up a new helmet endorsement deal after filing two grievances challenging the requirement to wear only new league-approved helmets.

“Every gambler knows that the secret to survivin’ is knowin’ what to throw away and knowin’ what to keep…”

Apparently after scoring a royal flush with the Patriots

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Give Due Process Its Due

Britney Taylor v Antonio Brown NFL

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Brittney Taylor v Antonio Brown

Brittney Taylor v. Antonio Brown

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Break your arm and get sued. The strange lawsuit against Patrick Chung

Patrick Chung lawsuit

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