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The NFL Concussion Settlement Should Have Been Valued at $5 Billion

reading between the lines

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Latest NFL Concussion Settlement Reports Reveal Dementia Claims Still Under Siege

reading between the lines

In December, three NFL Concussion Settlement Status Reports were released; one by the Special Masters, one by the Claims Administrator, and one by the BAP Administrator. The reports provide a number of insights into the settlement both in the plain text and between its lines. I’ve been analyzing the three reports and crunching some additional numbers.

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William White’s Settlement Funding Odyssey Reaches a Sad Conclusion

William White endures Thrivest Shakedown due to Judge Brody error

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Ex-NFL Player with ALS is Sacked for $1.25 Million Loss in Funder Concussion Deal Dispute

William White endures Thrivest Shakedown due to Judge Brody error

While the issues surrounding dementia claim difficulties continue to be shrouded in mystery, settlement funder issues in the NFL Concussion Settlement have presented a more visible face, and the face at the center of the drama is that of William White.

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Mandamus Denied, Players facing Potential Jail Time in Latest Funder Spat

player in a knot

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Report: Brain-Damaged Ex-NFLers Defrauded in Multi-Layered Scam

Tim Howard-NFL Concussion Settlement -Fraud

Down on his luck after retiring from the NFL following a 2001 Super Bowl win, and now in his mid-40s, Larry Webster listened carefully as a lawyer in Tallahassee, Florida, told him that he was guaranteed a 6-figure check from the newly inked NFL Concussion Settlement. The plight of Webster and numerous other retired NFLers is told in extraordinary detail in an investigative report by Law360’s Ryan Boysen.

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SOS We’re Asking for Your Help (and patience)


Advocacy for Fairness in Sports is under a malware attack!

On Tuesday, Sheilla attempted to access a state court docket to learn more about a lawsuit she’d recently become aware of in which an NFL player was seeking to reclassify players as full-time rather than seasonal employees.  The Pennsylvania state court website instructed those seeking docket access to download an app, which Sheilla did.  Unfortunately, the download was infected with a virus and other malware that she’s been trying unsuccessfully to remove ever since. Now we need your help!

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The Tap Dancing NFL Concussion Settlement Judge

Judge Anita B Brody tap dances in mandamus spotlight

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NFL Concussion Settlement Judge Tap Dances Under Mandamus Spotlight

Judge Anita B Brody tap dances in mandamus spotlight

On Friday, Judge Anita B. Brody of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania entered a brief that could be described as a “tap dance” as she seeks to avoid Third Circuit scrutiny following a petition for writ of mandamus directed at her handling of settlement advances.

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The Third Circuit is Asking Questions

mandamus Judge Anita Brody Stephanos Bibas D. Brooks Smith Michael Chagares

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