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Jets Refusal to Allow Kelechi Osemele to Have Surgery for Torn Labrum is a Harsh Reminder of NFL’s DNA

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NFL Disability Seeks to Take Back Benefits Paid to a Disabled Player

Roger Goodell NFL Disability

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NFL Disability Seeks to Claw Back Benefits Paid to a Former Player

Roger Goodell NFL Disability

The NFL disability plan is hitting a new low, in the disability case of Tyrone Keys. For decades retired players have fought with the NFL/NFLPA administered Bert Bell/Pete Rozelle Disability Plan.  Things got so bad that congressional hearings were held in 2007 to address the problem.

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Cognitively Impaired Player files Lawsuit Against NFL, NFLPA After 18 Years of Stonewalling

Andre Royal - The NFL Disability Monopoly Game

The NFL is inconsistent in many ways—player discipline, domestic violence, concussion protocols, and even enforcement of their on-field rules. Has anyone figured out what a catch is yet? The one area in which the NFL is the epitome of consistency is how they battle former players who seek to collect for disabilities resulting from their NFL careers. In both the CBA bargained disability plan and the concussion settlement, damaged players face an uphill battle to find recompense. “Delay, deny, and hope they die,” should be engraved on the cornerstone of every tax-payer subsidized NFL stadium. Such is the story of Andre Royal, as documented in a recently filed lawsuit against the NFL, the NFLPA and the Bert Bell/Pete Rozelle Retirement Plan.

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NFL Admits Denial of Veteran Player’s Disability Benefits Without Review of Medical Records

Darryl Ashmore w/ Oakland Raiders

In the latest NFL Disability Plan response to a lawsuit filed by eleven-year veteran offensive lineman Darryl Ashmore in regard to denial of his disability claim, the Plan attorneys admit that his medical records haven’t even been reviewed! When I previously reported on this story, I noted his claim of disabilities resulting from eleven seasons in the NFL: chief among them, the neurological impact of frequent and severe migraines, encephalopathy, memory loss, depression, anxiety, impaired concentration, nausea and hypertension, as well as the physical manifestations of chronic pain in his neck, knees, back, wrist, and shoulders attributed to herniated discs, and degenerative arthritis.

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