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Kelechi Osemele’s Saga Reminds Us of NFL’s Toxic Culture

New York Jets offensive guard Kelechi Osemele’s ongoing and now public dispute with the New York Jets, highlights a problem anchored deeply within NFL culture. In case you somehow missed it, the Jets threatened to discipline Osemele for “conduct detrimental”—and then on Saturday afternoon followed through with the threat by imposing a fine.

What conduct did the Jets organization deem to be detrimental? Mr. Osemele wants to have surgery to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder

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Jeff Winans

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Chris Hudson Fights to Keep His ERISA Claim Against NFLPA Alive

Chris Hudson disability

As the expiration of the current collective bargaining agreement between the National Football League and the NFL Players Association hurls ever closer, the suitability of the NFLPA to represent the best interests of the players at large has again been called into question. A lawsuit challenging the PA’s oversight of a disability benefits plan for former players not only demonstrates a failure on the part of the PA but the judiciary as well.

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Chris Hudson

Chris Hudson - Bears

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NFL Cases

Our Document Cloud listing of cases involving the NFL or NFL players

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Our Sixteen-Year Struggle for NFL Disability

Brandi Winans

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Brandi Winans: Our 16-Year Struggle for NFL Disability

Brandi Winans

Jeff played for Buffalo, Tampa and the Raiders from 1973-1980. Along the way he suffered multiple injuries: Torn ACL, Torn MCL, Multiple Neck and lower back injuries, a broken foot and crushed ankles. He also suffered from repeated hits to the head and at 30 years old, it was the last job he would ever have.

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NFL “Disagrees” with Federal Judge and Continues to Deny Benefits to Charles Dimry

NFL disagrees with Federal Judge and ignores his order.

SEC Sues Lawyer for Defrauding Cognitively Impaired Ex-NFLers

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NFL Denies Benefits to Retired Player Because it ‘Strongly Disagrees” with Federal Judge

NFL disagrees with Federal Judge and ignores his order.

When Judge James Donato of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California entered a scathing review of the NFL Disability Plan’s abuse of discretion when he granted summary judgment in favor of Charles Dimry in March 2018. Dimry’s court victory was considered a huge win not only for Dimry, but for other retired players whose disability had been denied based solely on Plan doctors retained by the Bert Bell Pete Roselle Benefits Plan, but in a shocking twist, Dimry is back in court, again seeking benefits because, according to his complaint, the Plan “strongly disagreed” with Judge Donato.

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Charles Dimry

Charles Dimry

Charles Dimry v. Bert Bell – Pete Rozelle NFL Players Disability Plan

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