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Conduct Detrimental Podcast Shines Light on NFL Disability Issues

Conduct Detrimental

Earlier this week Daniel Wallach addressed the inquiries of the new NFL/NFLPA CBA on his sports law podcast, Conduct Detrimental.  If you didn’t catch it in real-time, you don’t want to miss any part of this series where Wallach takes an in-depth look at how changes to the CBA will adversely impact disabled retired players including a view from the past that shows how both the NFL and NFLPA are reneging on their promises to Congress in regard to honoring determinations of the Social Security Administration.

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Fans Needed!

NFL fans

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Fans Needed!

NFL fans

It’s time to educate ourselves on certain aspects of the game that we have willfully or not, ignored up to that point. It’s time to be vocal in our support of the efforts of players for better labor conditions, more protection and benefits for instance. It’s time to let the leagues know that more is expected from them.

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Help for Disabled NFL Players Is Sacrificed for Pension Deal

Ed and Keith O'Neil

(Ken Belson, March 25, 2020, New York Times) Ed O’Neil left the N.F.L. four decades ago, and over the years he has spent less and less time following professional football. He joined the league in 1974 as a first-round draft pick of the Detroit Lions, and he learned last week that …

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From the Wife of a Disabled NFL Player


This letter if from our mailbag from the wife of a disabled player. I feel it explains the devastating impact of the disability changes in the proposed CBA far better than anything I could write. ~ Sheilla

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Past Due

Past Due NFL

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The Retired NFL Players Newsletter is Out

Advocacy for Fairness in Sports

Our monthly newsletter for retired NFL players and their families went out this morning.  You can read it by clicking here.  This newsletter is specifically focused on issues that affect or may be of interest to retired NFL.  If you’d like to have the newsletter delivered directly to your inbox each …

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The Blitz 2/1/20


February 1, 2020 Our picks for the
Ten Most Interesting Sports Law Stories
from the past week. The Super Bowl may be the biggest game of the week, but it’s far from the only one.  Sports law never takes a break and we’ve got the “Main Events” covered for you here. Continue reading

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Who Hid the NFL Disability Doctors?

doctors in a box

Sometimes what you see tells a story.  Sometimes what you don’t see tells an even bigger one.  Both statements are true when it comes to the NFL’s Bert Bell-Pete Rozelle Retirement/Disability Plan.

Players have a very difficult task in qualifying for disability benefits, especially if their injuries are related to their careers, and the most difficult level of all to qualify for is “Active Football,” which means the player became disabled within six months of the end of his career.  Often players leave the game injured and think they’ll get better.  Often they try to rehab for more than six months before they give up and decide to apply for disability, but should they wait six months and a day after their last game, they’ll be forever locked into a lower benefit tier without extensive litigation and often even when they litigate.

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What’s with the trend of ignoring judicial mandates?

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