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The Blitz 02/16/2020

The Blitz

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The Blitz 2/16/2020

The Blitz

We’ve compiled the most unique, impactful and compelling sports law stories for you in one digest counting down the Top Ten Stories of the Week.

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The Purge

Michael Junk

Attention Retired NFL Players.  I’ve learned the Disability Board is purging numerous neurocognitively impaired players and cutting their benefits.  If you’ve been affected by this or know someone who has been, please get in touch with us.

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Big Changes to NFL Concussion Court Handling of Claims Involving Settlement Funding

NFL Concussion Settlement Funder Rules

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NFL Concussion Court Changes Direction on Settlement Funders

NFL Concussion Settlement Funder Rules

Quietly and curiously off the public docket, the Concussion Settlement Court revised its rules regarding third-party settlement advances. As you may recall, late last year, Funder Thrivest, petitioned for a writ of mandamus at the Third Circuit, asserting that Judge Brody had not complied with the mandate handed down by the Third Circuit Opinion a few months prior.

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The Blitz Top 10 Sports Law Stories for 2/9/2020

The Blitz

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The Blitz – 2/9/2020

The Blitz

he Blitz counts down the 10 most interesting sports law stories from the past week with short summaries, article excerpts and links to keep you informed. Threatened litigation against the NFL for its Super Bowl halftime show is #10 and an age discrimination lawsuit against NCAA lands at #9. Check out the countdown as we work our way to #1.

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The Retired NFL Players Newsletter is Out

Advocacy for Fairness in Sports

Our monthly newsletter for retired NFL players and their families went out this morning.  You can read it by clicking here.  This newsletter is specifically focused on issues that affect or may be of interest to retired NFL.  If you’d like to have the newsletter delivered directly to your inbox each …

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The 1985 Chicago Bears: A Legacy of Glory and of Pain

chicago bears 1985 shufflin crew

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⚡The Blitz⚡ Special Super Bowl Edition, February 1, 2020


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